Roshelle beauty look: bold lips and eyebrows for the former X-Factor competitor
Roshelle beauty look: bold lips and eyebrows for the former X-Factor competitor

The rapper conquers the audience with her voice but also with her beauty looks. Discover with us its beauty secrets

X-Factor? A springboard "after which there was not even a weekend of rest". It is really the moment of Roshelle, stage name of Rossella Discolo, the 21-year-old from Lodi who participated in the last edition of the competition and who has not stopped for a moment since then, in a very short time winning the gold certification for the single "What You do to Me". We at met her before an event in collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics & Lemons Perfumeries. And we let Rossella tell us who Roshelle really is.


How was your relationship with Smashbox born? I have always followed one of the brand ambassadors, Shay Mitchell, on social media, who introduced me to the brand. Then I tried their lipsticks and their primers. I also used them during the performances and I had a great time, especially with the matte lipsticks that have a crazy duration.

We noticed that you color your lips with opaque shades …I experimented with different colors on the lips and realized that my favorite shades are nude and matte. Lately I have also started using a red lipstick in shades of orange but it is not a particularly bright color.

You pay close attention to eyebrow care: what products do you use?I am fortunate to have naturally bold eyebrows. To define them I use an eyeshadow and a brush.

How did you learn to wear makeup?I am part of the "tutorial generation", on YouTube you can find a lot of inspirations and guides to learn how to wear makeup. Obviously after taking a cue, I always readjust everything according to my aesthetic taste.

What's your beauty routine?I always use an argan oil after a shower: it is my must because it leaves the skin soft, luminous and fragrant. I never forget to cleanse my face and remove make-up before going to bed with a biphasic product. And then I have an obsession with night face creams, I like to think that the skin regenerates during our hours of inactivity.

And the hair?They are an important part of my aesthetic and, perfectionist as I am, I always want them to be in order or combed, creating a disorder that is always studied. I love both the moment when the pink tint is fresh, and when, after a few shampoos, it lightens to turn into a lighter shade.


How are your Youtube video diaries born?I "stole" the idea of ​​the video-diary from the talent: I find it a beautiful way to communicate both one's own musical projects and one's ideas. Definitely an ideal channel to keep in touch with fans.

Speaking of talent, how has X-Factor changed you? What kind of experience was it?He improved me and thanks to the competition I realized that my dream could come true. It made me meet my fans who I call "anymals".

What is the main channel you use to keep in touch with them?Instagram is the primary medium, from stories to content that stays forever. I really like the concept of moodboards and for this Instagram is the best social network.

What are your plans for the future?I am about to finish my Anymaltour and in the meantime I am concentrating on writing new music. The project will go on to singles and then the summer tour will follow.

And the relationship with former competitors?Everyone is doing their own path, but we still feel and share our projects: over time a small family has been created and it is normal that this is the case.

SAVE THE DATE! Want to meet live Roshelle and attend one of his performances? Smashbox Cosmetics And Lemon Perfumeries will host, tomorrow, at 6 pm, in Corso Buenos Aires 36, the X Factor 2016 finalist singer who will sing some songs from her first Ep “What You Do To Me” (Sony Music).

The Smashbox Cosmetics team of professionals will take care of the make-up of Roshelle and her team, to make her stand out on stage with an impeccable look, and will be available for the duration of the event to reveal the beauty secrets of the Makeup Artists.

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