Filorga face lotion for an effective beauty routine
Filorga face lotion for an effective beauty routine

Filorga awaits you on April 12 to a cocktail exclusive at the perfumery Marionnaud of Via Buonarroti 5 in Milan from 17 to 19:30. Discover below the wonders created by this brand

The Far East is a world full of inspirations for our beauty routine. The fundamental step of the beauty ritual of Asian women is the face lotion to be applied after cleansing and before any treatment, morning and evening.

The face lotion: why use itWe are fascinated by Korean women's skin: it is smooth, compact, homogeneous, free from imperfections. Their beauty secret is the whole ritual that reaches up to ten steps and which includes a product with a highly moisturizing power: the lotion. It is applied to the face after cleansing and restores the skin's optimal conditions so that subsequent treatments are even more effective: the serum and cream active ingredients are better absorbed and the face is brighter and more hydrated.


NCTF - ESSENCE®: SUPREME REGENERATING LOTIONFilorga has embraced the beauty gestures of Korean women and created a new product, NCTF - ESSENCE®: SUPREME REGENERATING LOTION, with a watery and fresh texture. Thanks to AQUA-MX technology and moisturizing active ingredients such as tara gum that forms a 3D matrix on the skin, it is able to retain water ensuring immediate and lasting hydration, while an anti-pollution polysaccharide has a detoxifying and revitalizing effect on the skin. The maximum effectiveness - what distinguishes this product - is that inside it there is an entire vial of NCTF, an injectable revitalization solution that contains over 50 active ingredients including vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants. As shown by scientific studies, the NCTF®, the New Cellular Treatment Factor, is able to revitalize the skin by acting on the main indicators of aging: wrinkles, skin relaxation, uneven complexion, dull skin, lack of hydration.


Face lotion: how to use itThe lotion is very easy to use and can be used before any treatment. Just pour a few drops on the palm of your hand and apply it on the face, neck and décolleté. Alternatively, you can use a cotton ball or pad.

A complete beauty routine with lotion, serum and creamPhase three - after cleansing and lotion - of the Filorga regenerating beauty ritual is represented by the application of NCTF-INTENSIVE®: SUPREME REGENERATING SERUM, with collagen, elastin and stabilized vitamin C for a progressive release that improves the radiance of the face, while encapsulated retinol takes care of wrinkles. Furthermore, the serum improves skin tone thanks to the plant DNA coming from the wheat germ.


To complete the beauty routine, apply NCTF-REVERSE®: SUPREME REGENERATING CREAM. With a creamy and enveloping texture, it is enriched with shea butter to protect the driest and most demanding skin. It acts intensely on wrinkles thanks to medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and improves tone with the synergistic action of organic silicon + alginic acid to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous collagen. Finally, a mix of vitamins - A, H and E plus polyphenols - renews, restructures and detoxifies. As an alternative to the cream, for combination to oily skin or during the hot season, use the NCTF-REVERSE-MAT®: SUPREME REGENERATING FLUID with a matte finish.

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Do you want to try the new NCTF® line? You can find it in pharmacies, parapharmacies and Marionnaud perfumeries.

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