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The best restaurants in Rome for eating outdoors
The best restaurants in Rome for eating outdoors

The 15 best restaurants in Rome for outdoor dining, for all budgets and for all palates

No swallow makes spring as much as a table for eat outside in a good restaurant.

But since the choice of Rome is wide, being that the capital has a time that allows it several months a year, we decided to leave aside the mega terraces of the most famous restaurants and instead focus on neighborhood taverns, on small bistros offering seasonal dishes, sui hidden gardens in the heart of the Eternal City.

All very different restaurants, but united by the same common thread: an outdoor space that deserves at least one meal.

So here is a list of fifteen places where you can eating outside: terraces, gardens, lawns and courtyards. For all tastes, styles and pockets.

Whether it's gourmet, traditional, starred or a trattoria, eating outdoors when possible is always the right choice.

Rome, the best restaurants for outdoor dining

Angelina ristorante Roma
A lovely terrace overlooking Testaccio, the historic district of the Eternal City. Sofas, wooden chairs, a pleasant atmosphere between shabby chic and industrial recovery are the prelude to a dinner with a Roman flavor. The pasta is homemade and the sauces are the traditional Capitoline ones: amatriciana, cacio e pepe, carbonara, gricia. The meats - Chianina, scottona, Scottish angus, black gold Aberdeen and Kobe-type Wagyulem - are grilled.
Maisonnette ristrot ristorante Roma 2
In a former roadman's house, at the entrance to the pretty Garbatella district and under the Ostiense overpass, this restaurant boasts two open spaces: the first, graceful, with wooden tables and a chic but minimal mise en place, is glass. The second is completely external and you can eat between white tables and wrought iron chairs, between candles and gourmet dishes that wink at the Roman tradition. Always ask for seasonal cheese and pepper: revisited but always very good.
Jardin de Russie Roma
An oasis of peace within the busy city center. Once you cross the threshold of this restaurant, you will be speechless: silence, colorful and climbing plants, rocks and simple but classy mise en place. Lunch is with buffet lunch, on the weekend do not miss the brunch proposed by Fulvio Pierangelini and Nazzareno Menghini with live cooking and fish corner with sushi, sashimi, oysters and raw, but also many desserts. In the evening, you can eat à la carte: let yourself be delighted by the foie gras terrine with fruit chutney, fassona tartare, ravioli with cheese and pepper, risotto with asparagus and oscietra caviar, grilled embellished with pink Himalayan salt.
QuarantunoDodici ristorante Roma
The bistro of the starred chef Daniele Usai offers lunches and dinners directly on the sea of ​​Fiumicino, almost as if you were on a boat. Of course, upstairs is "Il Tino", a restaurant that has guaranteed the Michelin award to the young chef. But the dishes of the bistro, also open for breakfast, are no less: the mullet sandwich with coffee air and the smoked risotto with lobster, for example, will leave you speechless. A gem: a spa has just been inaugurated in the structure. Wellness and food ("starred", outdoors and with a sea view): what better combination?
Terrazza Eden Roma
After an 18-month restyling, Hotel Eden - which is now part of the Dorchester Collection family - reopens and features a terrace with breathtaking views of Rome. A perfect address for those who not only want to take advantage of the sun's rays for outdoor dining during the summer, but also for those who want to amaze. In the kitchen, chef Fabio Ciervo offers seasonal and healthy dishes. And the rest of the new hotel, between secret and very romantic bars, is all a discovery.
Tazio ristorante Roma
The restaurant inside Villa Pamphili is the perfect opportunity to eat in close contact with nature. Much more than outdoors, since in extremis you can also order a picnic basket and eat it directly on the lawn. Sitting on white tables and chairs, with the sun in front, you can choose between cakes, tea and coffee for breakfast, bruschettas, finger food and pasta salads for an aperitif or after dinner, while for lunch and dinner there is hummus, quiches, burger, black rice, trofie with basil tomatoes, stracciatella and walnuts, homemade lasagna with organic ragù and grilled chicken. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more "urban" setting, there is the second restaurant with its doors open directly onto the marvelous Piazza Navona.
La Portineria ristorante Roma
Recycled materials, colorful chairs, striped carpets, lights and a curtain that isolates from city traffic. Here is the Concierge, according to some the best address in Rome in terms of brunch and rich breakfasts. But did you know that you can also eat here? Lunch is fast, but tasty. You can choose, for example, between tonnarelli in pachino sauce, Cetara anchovies and Taggiasca olives, baked macaroni pie with eggplant and buffalo mozzarella Dop, chicken breast stuffed with cheese with pumpkin purée and chips, seared beef rosemary with courgette carpaccio and mango sauce. It is forbidden to leave without one of the beautiful homemade desserts.
Antica Pesa ristorante Roma
Few VIPs passing through the capital have not stopped at this restaurant. And there are those who even, like Leo Di Caprio, made it open early so as not to miss the flight. The menu is between tradition and innovation: the Roman tripe is with crispy bread, pecorino flakes, drops of mint and cannellini bean cream, while the first the classic amatriciana, cacio e pepe and carbonara, as an alternative to tagliolini with butter and anchovies. Porchettate ribs on chicory cream and dried broad beans and then we move on to desserts, including the raspberry hemisphere with mascarpone cream and matcha tea biscuit. All in the lovely internal garden: romantic and with a magical atmosphere.
BoMa country house ristorante Roma
In the Marcigliana nature reserve, in the warm season, you cannot fail to eat outdoors. The mise en place, simple and chic, is perfectly in line with the surrounding nature and the dishes, designed thanks to the advice of chef Riccardo Di Giacinto, are both meat and fish, rustic but well presented. The timbale of seasonal vegetables, beef tartare and raw red prawns from Mazzara flavored with lime are followed by ravioli alla gricia di asparagus, tagliolini with cuttlefish ink with mussels au gratin with orange and traditional Roman first courses. After lamb fillet in pistachio crust and cod in cooking oil, it ends with cheesecake and potted tiramisu.
Bistrot Officine Farneto ristorante Roma
A garden and a menu that satisfies all palates. You can also come for breakfast, while lunch is light and fast: you can choose to compose your own hamburger with the ingredients you prefer, or draw from the dishes of the day written on a blackboard. There is no shortage of soups and soups, pappa al pomodoro with ricotta and black olives, homemade lasagna, trofie with sauce of the day and risotto. Ask for the table in the corner: the light will come from all sides and you will eat with the sun in front.
Rosti ristorante Roma
700 square meters of garden: is there anything else to say that in this restaurant on the Roman outskirts, in the summer, eating outdoors is a must? It starts with breakfast and continues with lunches, snacks and dinners, up to the cocktail bar with drinks that you can also enjoy as an aperitif. During the weekend, do not miss the brunches and the "grandmother's lunches", that is, those with exquisitely Lazio recipes. Vegetables? They come from the garden.
Antico Tevere ristorante Roma
Chairs and tables are old fashioned. Not very modern, like the classic mise en place. But the view is rewarding, directly on the Tiber river. In short: more Roman than that? The menu is quite extensive and includes both meat and fish courses, just to satisfy all palates. There is also pizza: naturally leavened and cooked in a wood oven. Tip: ask for a candle, it will all be even more romantic.
Aroma ristorante Roma
One cannot fail to mention: it is the "eating on the terrace" of Rome par excellence. Inside Palazzo Manfredi and with a magnificent view of the Colosseum, this is the restaurant where any girl dreams of being taken for dinner by her partner. In the kitchen there is the starred chef Giuseppe di Iorio, who has recently also introduced the bistro formula: greedy and tasty dishes, always in his own way, but for "common pockets". Choose the shaken rigatoni alla carbonara and the veal morsels on white cauliflower cream and black peel chips. Without forgetting to ask for the table.

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