Scott Eastwood: An Eastwood never takes no for an answer
Scott Eastwood: An Eastwood never takes no for an answer

Her father is Clint, a bulky Hollywood legend. So Scott Eastwood spent years showing up at auditions with his mother's surname. Now he is one of the protagonists of the action film Fast & Furious 8, but with Grazia he remembers 12 years of apprenticeship.

Like many children of art, Scott Eastwood has a problem that resembles a sentence: that of having to spend his life talking about his father Clint, five times Oscar winner, a living legend of American cinema and, probably, the only one in Hollywood to more or less openly support the American president Donald Trump.

But Scott, 31, with blue eyes and a surfer physique, has found the perfect formula to confront the family giant. Like? He spent half his career pretending not to know him: he showed up at auditions as Scott Reeves, his mother's surname, the hostess Jacelyn Reeves, was discarded as would happen to any Mr. Nobody, occasionally earning a few appearances.

Sometimes he even managed to be part of his father's film, but never in important roles: in Gran Torino, for example, he finds himself in front of Clint who calls him a sissy. And then take it, at home.


“My father always wanted to make me strong and independent. When I asked him something, he would say 'No' and say, 'Go out and earn it' », he remembers today. The Clint who rejected him for movies like American Sniper is the same one who, years ago, had slammed him into a wall and punched him because young Scott had gone to a party with his sister Kathryn and hadn't driven her back when he was returned. But today Eastwood Junior is smiling. Because the long apprenticeship is over and to help him were, two years ago, the supersexy starring role in the video of the pop star's song Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift, then that of a man with the NSA, the American national security agency, in the film Snowden by director Oliver Stone. Now the actor has won a part in the film all engines, weapons and testosterone Fast & Furious 8, in theaters from April 13, which before making its debut at the cinema has already broken a record: that of the most watched trailer ever in the first 24 hours, with 139 million views online. Between beefy Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, and a criminal version of Charlize Theron, Scott plays the role of agent for a security organization working undercover. In short, almost a return to the beginnings, when he had to hide the surname he bore.

Day 2 of press for # fastandfurious8 here in the city of London! Got to watch the movie last night, and words can barely describe how incredible it was. Can't wait for all of you guys to see it! #fateofthefurious # f8 #fastandfurious

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Fast & Furious is back, but an "orphan" by Brian O'Conner, played by Paul Walker (the actor died in a car accident in 2013, ed).“Paul was like an older brother to me. We met in 2005, on the set of Flags of Our Fathers, my father directed us. I miss him very much. But he would be proud to see me in the saga ».Now the name Scott Eastwood is well stamped on Fast & Furious 8 billboards. Do you still remember when, on the other hand, being your father's son and wanting to be an actor were a burden?“Everyone always thinks it was an advantage to call me Eastwood, but it never was. Dad is part of the old school: at 16 he sent me to work on the construction site or to be a valet outside the hotels. I had to pay for college. But I understand, it comes from that mentality that followed the crack of the 1930s: you can't have anything that you haven't earned ».And she, in addition, was hiding.“I was never the most popular kid in school and when I grew up in Los Angeles, I wasn't taken seriously as an actor. So I decided to move to San Diego and, on my terms, I started working. And it has been like this for 12 years now ». Did she leave because people recognized her and put a label on her?«It was a situation that could not have an end: even today, every time my father leaves the house, it is all a“Mr. Eastwood”,“Mr. Eastwood”. It wasn't for me."


And when was the real turning point in your life? "I don't remember a specific episode. At first, no one even wanted me to try a part. Then maybe you needed a nice guy and then I got to the audition. The casting directors looked at me as if they didn't care about me. But I insisted, I sent tapes with my interpretations. They ignored me, someone even got angry and came to warn me not to show me again, but in the end things started to turn in the right direction ».And in the meantime he was rounding up by modeling, right?"I never wanted to be a model, but posing for some photos was still a job, even if it was never my goal".However, this made her very popular with girls and also ended up in a Taylor Swift video.“When I am defined as a sex symbol I have to laugh. I actually just grew up in a family where it was said that for a healthy mind you need a healthy body. Or viceversa".Is your mother Jacelyn a health worker?“You taught me that it's very easy to become pessimistic in life. The more physical activity you do, the better you feel, the more you keep negative thoughts away from you ».What else did you learn from your mother?“She has always been an example of generosity and attention to others. She was never interested in fame, although she could have benefited greatly from it, but she preferred to always be at our disposal. I also learned something from her that came in handy now: it's easy to get sucked into work, but slowing down is the only way to understand what you are really doing with your life."


What do you have in common with your father?«The passion for golf. For being outdoors. And for the flight: we have the patent. We often see each other to drive together ».To treat women from who he learned, from his mom or dad?"From both. The idea of ​​the alpha male, always ready to be tough, is still widespread. I prefer gentlemen, those willing to listen and open the car door to their girlfriend ". And who told him this, his father?"My father's loves are countless, I don't think his advice on women is worth much," she laughs.So tell us what woman you like.“I don't have an ideal. I prefer the spontaneous ones, which do not play double games and which are fun, because feminine irony is the maximum ".And what does a woman have to accept?"The fact that I'm a somewhat atypical 30-year-old: I like old-fashioned music, like blues. When I sit down at the table, I keep my cell phone well away, because I prefer to talk and not text. And then I love the outdoors ".Some time ago there were photos of him in which he was jogging barefoot. Are you the kind of athlete who wants to feel the contact with nature?"No, no: that time I just realized that I didn't have running shoes with me and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get some exercise." Does sport help you be competitive? Fast & Furious is an action film where it seems that you are all competing to see who is tougher.«The world of actors is not very different. When you're on set, you only know one thing: that there are hundreds of people out there who want your seat. And that, once that movie is finished, you will have to start over. Even today there are those who send my emails back, but this charges me even more: if the door is closed and you don't have the keys, you can always throw it down ". And if that's not an Eastwood line, tell me what it is. '

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