Melissa Satta: "If you hate me, I'll delete you"
Melissa Satta: "If you hate me, I'll delete you"

She is one of the most famous showgirls, she married a champion and is one of the most followed Italians on the web. But in the spotlight Melissa Satta had to face envy and hatred, virtual and beyond.

Melissa Satta she is one that goes fast. Ten minutes of conversation with her is worth half an hour, there are so many things she can say and the questions she tries to guess even before you have them in mind.

Thirty-one years old, ponytailed hair, jeans, sneakers and an agenda where he puts television (Tiki Taka, the sports talk show of Italia Uno), fashion, advertising, great presence on social media. And most importantly, his family: Maddox, 3, with Las Palmas midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng, 30, whom Melissa married last summer. Should I call her Ms. Boateng? I saw that on her Instagram profile she also uses her husband's surname.“I consider it a tribute, because I know he cares a lot. In Germany, where he was born, wives legally leave their surname for that of their husband. Kevin couldn't believe this didn't happen in Italy. And so I decided to do this for him."

But where is he who wants to go? “I look forward and look up. I always try to grow. I divide myself between TV, fashion, advertising campaigns, events. Recently also beauty, with a collaboration with Avon: they are their face for the cosmetics brand mark. ». Does she wear a lot of makeup? «Not in everyday life: I choose the soap and water style. But I like to transform myself for a special day or evening. Playing with colors. Draw me a different face. I love doing it on myself and also on my friends: it fascinates me a lot to see how much make-up can recreate a face, a person ». Is her dark and intense gaze her strong point? “I don't know what my best part is. I don't even wonder. I'm fine with myself, I'm at peace with who I am. Actually, as a girl I was a tomboy, one who only felt at ease when she played football and peeled her knees. Then I had a transition period, I didn't feel like meat or fish. I was very thin, without breasts, I didn't know who I was. So tall and so flat I looked like a surfboard and felt different from all the others. I was no longer the wild girl playing football and I was not yet a woman aware of her femininity. Then I did it, I matured: I realized that I was beautiful, that I could like and like myself. I became me, I gave myself a title ».

What title? Crazy! But not only that: I am very confident, very determined, very proud. One who gets bored quickly. Even myself, I hate routine ». A risk when you are a married woman.«A risk that I don't run. My life and that of my husband are so complicated that boredom is the least of our problems as a couple. I go in, he goes out, then we go home and we go out together, then he leaves and I stay, after which I leave, and so on. For now, every day is different from the other. Sometimes I even dream of it, boredom in my family life ».

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Is she someone that women like?"It depends, someone envies me." Doesn't that happen to her? “No, I admire, but I don't envy. I think: "I would like to be like that too, to know how to do what she does". But even more, I want to be myself ». She and her husband work in two very competitive environments."Of course. There is always someone who can arrive and take your place in an instant: it is stimulating, but it is tiring. TV, for example, is a world that is relatively easy to enter, but to stay in? It is very difficult. You can last less than a second ».

Melissa Satta backstage fashion shoot Grace 2017

Melissa Satta backstage fashion shoot Grace 2017
Melissa Satta backstage fashion shoot Grace 2017

What do you remember of yourself at the beginning, as a strip of the news?"I was closed, suspicious." Not that she's very trustworthy now."It's true, but then I was terrible, I closed myself up like a hedgehog, I protected myself." What changed it? «Life, trust in me. And a husband who is a warm, loving person. One who would embrace the world ».

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