Peter Philips: the exclusive interview in Los Angeles
Peter Philips: the exclusive interview in Los Angeles

Hollywood, smoothies, beach sunsets and neon signs. For its new collection of lipsticks, Dior is inspired by the "city of angels". The make-up creative director talks about himself exclusively for Grazia

Meeting place, the mythical Chateau Marmont from Los Angeles, on Sunset Boulevard: more than a hotel, a piece of Hollywood history for the many stars who have stayed and lived there since it was built in 1929. This is where Peter Philips, director of creation and image of Dior makeup, has chosen to “set” his latest creation: the new lipsticks Dior Addict Lacquer Stick.

The City of Angels inspired him in his choice of colors and effects.

How did the idea of joining Los Angeles come about?

When I started working on the collection, I knew that Jennifer Lawrence (the American actress has been a testimonial for Dior since 2015, ed.) would have been my muse and it came naturally to me to think of a symbolic city of the United States. My experience with THERE. it is a mix of very strong suggestions that have impressed me. The vintage atmosphere of certain clubs, the sunsets over Sunset Boulevard, the colors of the ocean a Venice Beach, the red carpet of Hollywood. All images that, over time, have merged with the idea of a new lipstick. Then, I grouped the colors into four families to make it easier to choose. That of the Pastel is inspired by the smoothies and postcards of the 50s. Neon, on the other hand, recalls the intermittent luminous signs that come on at night. While Classic offers red carpet reds and Wild the darker shades, from purple to chocolate, that is, the wildest soul of Los Angeles.

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Schermata 2017-04-05 a 14.46.55

What are the most suitable shades of lipstick for the day and which for the evening?

In the morning I would focus on the pinkish beige of Tease, in the Pastel, or on the fuchsia of Diabolo, in the Neons: they are the polar opposite, but I find them both perfect. For the evening, on the other hand, I would go either on the raspberry red of Turn me Dior, very Classic and "hollywood style" - the color, by the way, that I used on Jennifer for the campaign - or on the very dark red of Sauvage for a party more rock girl.

The lipstick formula is special too, right?

It took two years of experimentation and work. The challenge was to make a product that is easy to apply and wear with the comfort of a moisturizing conditioner, but also capable of delivering an almost liquid shine and full color. For this we used a crystalline base, much more transparent than the classic ones, to reveal the pigments with more intensity. So we blended them with five nourishing, yet ultra-light oils, with a refractive index close to that of glass. The warmth of the lips does the rest, enhancing the color and brightness even more.

And if a woman wanted to experiment with a very bold lip look, what advice would you give her?

I would go for Black Coffee, a very dark chocolate, or Bubble, a neon pink. Obviously she must be a self-confident woman, who loves to play with make-up and does not allow herself to be intimidated by color. In addition, these lipsticks can also be mixed as desired to create new shades.


What fascinates you most about a woman?

I am attracted to those who are sure of themselves, who want to express their individuality. Sometimes, it happens that a woman is dressed or made up in a way that I never would have considered, but her strength is such that it completely captures my attention. Feeling good in your own skin is an element of charm. And then I like the woman who uses make-up to enhance herself and, why not, social media to manage her image.

How does this lipstick collection fit into next summer's makeup trends?

There will be a lot of light in the make-up and these Lacquer Sticks are born to shine. The most summery color, on the other hand, is West Coast: a vibrant coral, very Californian.

What part of your job do you enjoy the least?

Bring your luggage: mine are very heavy. Being super-precise, I divide all the tricks into graph boxes, which I pack in my suitcase. So when I travel, I'm sure nothing breaks and everything is ready right away. But it also happens that I can't close the suitcase and then I go crazy. Like when my luggage is inspected at the airport and every time I have to explain what all those tricks are for. I remember one time, bottles of nail polish broke and boxes of glitter opened. A disaster.


Credits ph.: Dior Press Office