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Eleonora and Gianluca: wedding in a retro style
Eleonora and Gianluca: wedding in a retro style

A 50s dress, the yes on the notes of Elvis and a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Salerno: we tell you about the wedding of Eleonora and Gianluca

Today we tell you, through the images and words of the protagonists, the wedding of Eleonora and Gianluca.

The wedding of Eleonora and Gianluca

and so it was. We have chosen as the setting for this day a villa overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, in Vietri sul Mare ». (photo Elisabetta Marzetti)
and so it was. We chose a villa with a view of the sea as the setting for this day Gulf of Salerno, in Vietri sul Mare, a very beautiful estate, full of greenery with a breathtaking panoramic terrace ».

What was the style of the wedding? "Our marriage was all about the things we like and inevitably it all took a vaguely retro tone. We are both lovers of beauty from other times. We don't like overly constructed things so we preferred to focus on a few simple and elegant things. We wanted the DJ set with Roxy Rose vinyls, silver candlesticks and white flowers that created just the atmosphere we wanted ".

The choice of dress: "I started looking for the dress without having a precise idea, I wanted to find a dress that I liked, beautiful and elegant enough to be able to wear it at my wedding but not excessively set up because I would not have been fully myself. The dress is inspired by the volumes of the clothes 50s, tight at the waist and with a wide skirt, I chose not to wear the veil and in its place I wore an important period accessory, a silk lily of the valley crown ". How did the personality of you two spouses emerge? "Gianluca took care of all the aesthetics of the wedding down to the smallest detail, even on the wedding day he was there checking that everything went according to plan. On my wedding day, on the other hand, I just wanted to enjoy it and for this reason I decided that I would only choose the music I love, starting with Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender" upon my arrival ».

Have you made specific and targeted choices for flowers, arrangements etc.? «We have chosen to enrich the villa with many flowering plants and a magnificent, huge vase of roses of different qualities on the ritual table. A dear friend took care of the flowers, we didn't want compositions, but we chose to embellish the tables and the terrace with lots of white flowers ».

Did you get help from someone or did you prefer to do it yourself? "We wanted to take care of every detail, following our taste for everything, from setting up the tables, to the flowers, to the wedding favors that we have personally designed and packaged. Obviously we couldn't do it all by ourselves, friends helped us and the family especially with the latest things to do ».

Easy or stressful organization? “It was more complicated than anything else, because we live in Milan and we had little time to do everything; many things cannot be done remotely and that is where there is the danger of stress being felt ".

Is the bride or groom more agitated? «I would say the groom! After waking up on the morning of the wedding with a black and threatening sky, in the middle of August, I decided not to ruin my day and enjoy whatever would have happened, the agitation disappeared and returned only when the music started at the moment of the rite".

A funny episode and the best memory: "On the morning of the wedding we went to the location together, to check the organization and prepare directly there. As we got closer to our destination it began to rain more and more, until we arrived in front of the entrance in pouring rain, it was so absurd that we could only laugh. It rained for hours but in the end, just before the scheduled time, the sun returned and from then on there are only beautiful memories and a lot of emotion. The best thing is that there were only important people and we felt strongly that they were there for us, it was wonderful ".

An indelible memory also thanks to the splendid images taken during the day …«We would like to thank Elisabetta (Marzetti, the photographer) for the wonderful job she did, she was there with us, she did her job with discretion without ever being intrusive. In addition to being an exceptional photographer, she is a fantastic person and we are grateful to her for having imprinted the memories of our wedding in her photos ».

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