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Because everyone is talking about the Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner
Because everyone is talking about the Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the new Pepsi testimonial, but the advertising has unleashed the wrath of the network: we explain why

Kendall Jenner and Pepsi they ended up in the middle of a big fuss.

The model is there new testimonial of the soft drink, which in the last few hours has launched a commercial that is causing a lot of discussion.

The reason? It would give the wrong, misleading and simplistic message of the civil rights protest movements.

The advertising campaign shows indeed Kendall joining a parade and brings peace between protesters and police using the famous blue can.

Thousands of people have poured their disappointment online, especially on Twitter, where users have given free rein to criticism.

We show you the spot and below we explain what the disputed passages are.

What happens in the commercial

The advertisement, lasting about two and a half minutes, shows Kendall in blonde wigand silver dress while working on the set of a photo shoot.

The model, as well as other protagonists of the commercial, is distracted by the demonstrators who pass in front of her on the street.

So she decides to give up on makeup and hair and join them in denim, sneakers and t-shirts.

At a certain point the procession finds itself in front of the police cordon and it is here that Kendall becomes the bringer of peace by offering a can of Pepsi to an agent, who smiles quenches his thirst.

Riot, joy and the end of the commercial.

kendall jenner pepsi polizia

References to reality

It is clear that the spot is inspired by the protest movements that have shaken the United States in the last period, between the resurgence of tensions between blacks and policemen and the marches for civil rights that have risen from every part of the country, especially after the election of Donald Trump as the new President.

The scene of Kendall appearing in front of the police is a clear reference to the winning image of the World Press Photo in which the protester Iesha Evans advances towards the police offering her hands for arrest, during the Baton Rouge protests in Los Angeles., against the police, after yet another killing of a black boy.

spot pepsi

The Pepsi version

Below the video, on YouTube, you can read the description with which the company wanted to accompany the spot.

«A short film about the moment in which we decide to go, we choose to act, follow our passions without anyone pulling us back.

Capturing the spirit and actions of those people ready to jump and throw themselves into different lives, stories and emotional connections, united by moments of passion, joy, disinhibition and fluency.

No matter what the occasion, big or small, these are the moments that make us feel alive ».

kendall jenner pepsi

The reaction of the network

Too bad that the public did not grasp this aspect, but instead noticed how out of place it was to exploit civil rights protests for commercial purposes, underlining how much the choice to use Kendall, a privileged white, was the furthest from reality.

A reality in which the police do not stand still to accept a drink from the demonstrators, but are ready to react to the slightest movement.

Among the fierce criticisms, however, there are also those who manage to express their dissent with irony.

Tweets against Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial

kendall jenner pepsi tweet
That Pepsi commercial made me want to buy a Coke
kendall jenner pepsi twitter meme
kendall jenner pepsi twitter
So just give Putin, Trump and Assad a can of Pepsi and everything will be fine?
kendall jenner twitter meme
pepsi kendall jenner twitter
And that's it. Kendall just put an end to all injustices
reazioni twitter kendall jenner pepsi
CEO Pepsi: We need an ad campaign that gets people on our side.
tweet kendall jenner pepsi
How can we forget the famous speech by Martin Luther King, "I have a Pepsi dream"

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