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Shiseido and Valentina Corti: a beauty look inspired by the Japanese
Shiseido and Valentina Corti: a beauty look inspired by the Japanese

Shiseido creates a Far Eastern-inspired beauty look for actress Valentina Corti. Find out with us

A century ago Shiseido revolutionized the make-up of Japanese women by introducing color and all its infinite combinations. Today Shiseido returns to be inspired by the colors of this distant land, where tradition and modernity meet to create something unique.

Shiseido: oriental-inspired make-up

Unique is the beauty look that the make-up artist created for the actress Valentina Corti, exclusively for Grazia, drawing on the geometries of modern Japan, "full and vertical lines that recall the architecture of skyscrapers", while all shades used for the make-up they take up «the colors of the luminous writings, those that we can see on the advertisements of the squares, in addition to the shades of the skyline of the big cities combined with a European touch of great taste».


Shiseido and the beauty look of Valentina Corti

Valentina was in the game and let her make up. «I trust make-up artists - he told us - because I know that what can be beautiful for me may not be functional to the character or to an image that needs to be created; in short, I like to put myself in the hands of the experts and see what comes out ».


The actress - who won the hearts of the general public with her character in “A doctor in the family” - is a true beauty addicted. The credit goes to the beautician mother. «Looking at her gestures and rummaging through her things, I fell in love with make-up - she says with a smile -. I owe a lot to my mother who taught me the tricks of the trade and to cultivate my creativity ».


Valentina loves to experiment and experiences makeup as a game. Her beauty allows her to show off any make-up but the actress prefers to focus on the eyes with «a look that enhances color and shape. And, to close, lots of mascara ».

Are you curious to see how the make-up artist Pablo Ardizzone created Valentina Corti's make-up? Watch the video.

Here are all the products used by Pablo Ardizzone for the make-up of the actress. Look at the gallery to discover all the beauty tips and expert advice.

The products used for Valentina Corti's make-up

First step: prepare the skin with its usual beauty routine. Ultimune effectively defends against oxidation and substances that damage the skin with a formula made up of synergistic and complementary botanical extracts.
After Ultimune, apply Ibuki Protective Mosturizer to the face, a day moisturizer formulated with a reflective powder that corrects blemishes such as evident pores, skin rashes, acne marks and roughness and counteracts their reappearance by increasing the skin's resistance.
The make-up artist applied the Synchro Skin Glow foundation. Tip: to apply the product, use the kabuki brush, the ideal brush for applying any foundation, even more so for a glow finish. Thanks to the curly and smooth synthetic bristles it allows to refine the skin texture and to minimize the optical effect of the pores. Tap with light circular movements in the areas where there is a need for greater coverage, pulling the product, instead, where there is a need for greater transparency.
The Perfecting Stick Concealer takes care of erasing bags and dark circles.
Translucent Loose Powder fixes the make-up leaving a light satin veil on the skin, without creating any dusty effect.
For the eyes, the make-up artist has applied the Shimmering Cream Eye Color eyeshadow in the shape of a Japanese pagoda as a base: a triangle that starts from the lashline and rises towards the center of the eyebrows.
The Automatic Fine Eye Liner is applied straight, starting with the eye open and continuing the line along the entire lashline. The advice: create a first draft of the line with your eyes open and then go and finish with your eyes closed, not being afraid to create the continuous and straight line.
The lower lash line and eyebrows are defined with Eyebrow Styling compact.
A good coat of Full Lash Volume Mascara on the lower and upper lashes creates an ideal effect.
The lips are dressed in the Rouge Rouge lipstick in Coral Shore. The advice: apply the lipstick by tapping the product to have a "blush effect".
The last step before the shot or the selfie? The Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother.
The final chromatic touch is given by the 7 LIGHTS POWDER ILLUMINATOR which cools or warms the complexion according to the needs and the lights of the environment.

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