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Melania Trump and the irony of the network: the portrait of the White House goes viral
Melania Trump and the irony of the network: the portrait of the White House goes viral

The White House spreads the official portrait of Melania Trump as the new First Lady and the network goes wild: here's why and the most beautiful comments

The White House released the first official photo of Melania Trump as First Lady of the United States.

It is a tradition in Washington that has touched Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the others before it.

In general, the thing goes quietly, but not in this case: the image immediately became the subject of controversy, due to the excessive use of Photoshop, which erased every wrinkle, the huge diamond on display, and in general for the aura that the former model emanates, almost as if she had just come out of a soap opera of the Eighties.

If many have raged with fierce criticism, just as many have indulged themselves with parodies and ironic comments.

We searched the net to find the most beautiful ones. You can find them all in the gallery.

The irony of the network on the official portrait of Melania Trump

ritratto originale melania trump casa bianca
Here's what the official photo released by the White House looks like
melania trump ritratto ironia 12
Air Slovenia stewardesses have the most beautiful uniforms
melania trump ritratto ironia 9
Can anyone tell me why the photo of Melania Trump was taken in front of the Muppet window?
melania trump ritratto ironia 3
melania trump ritratto ironia 5
The portrait of Melania is very beautiful and can be a topic of conversation if she ever happens to visit the White House
melania trump ritratto ironia 6
The official portrait of Melania Trump looks like the launch of her Criminal Minds spin off
melania trump ritratto ironia 8
Wow, the official First Lady photo is beautiful
melania trump ritratto ironia 2
melania trump ritratto ironia 10
Adorable photo of Melania Trump's 25-karat engagement ring. I mean, here's the official photo of Melania Trump.
melania trump ritratto ironia 7
melania trump ritratto ironia
I can't be the only person looking at Dr. Who who has noticed this puzzling resemblance
melania trump ritratto twitter
melania trump sue ellen
melania trump ritratto ironia 11
melania trump ritratto ironia 4
When people try to compare Melania Trump with Michelle Obama

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