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When to book flights and hotels to spend less
When to book flights and hotels to spend less

It's time to think about the holidays: here's how much time in advance should you book flights and hotels to save money

Book your holidays trying to save it is a shared and more than achievable goal.

It is enough to know some tricks that, more than others, allow you to win flights and hotels at the lowest possible price.

For some time, in fact, the idea has spread that move many months in advance is the most convenient choice and that's partly true, but not always.

To really save it is necessary to enter into the logic of algorithms and marketing strategies.

How to juggle when the boundaries are so blurred? We explain it to you in the gallery.

Below, then, you will find some indications for the main cities of the world, with the recommended lead time to save on hotels.

The tricks to book a flight and spend less

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around the world and has determined the ideal time to block the hotel by paying the lowest amounts.

Their experts have also calculated what is the percentage of savings for those who decide to move at the right time.

Thus it turns out that for some capitals, even if you move even six months in advance, you do not go beyond 10% savings, while for others with a shorter time you can spend even 35% less.

Find everything in the gallery.

When and where it is convenient to book for the summer holidays

Messico, Cancun
Always five months are the ideal time frame within which to book for the Asian city, one of the most important economic centers in the world, but also a place of culture. By moving in advance you will be able to spend about 23% less.
  • Bangkok The Buddhist temples, the skyline, the floating markets make the Thai capital one of the most fascinating places in the world. Already cheap in itself, it allows you to save up to 19% if you decide to book about six months before departure.
  • Marrakech A dip into another world, among stalls, snake charmers, royal palaces and mosques. Have fun bargaining in the markets and relax by indulging in a hammam in one of the many riads of a thousand and one nights. To book your favorite, take a look between four and six months in advance, with the possibility of saving up to 20%.

  • Tokyo The Japanese capital is a must for anyone who wants to discover another world and another culture, totally different from the Western one. And if you think it's all skyscrapers and negatives, you're wrong, just go into the lesser-known neighborhoods to discover its most authentic side. Take a look at the hotels between four and seven months before, you will save 18%
  • To go to Argentina and make a stop in its capital, you should book about six months in advance. Then you can fantasize about its neighborhoods, such as the characteristic one of San Telmo, and its hot soul ready to welcome everyone. If you remember to follow TripAdvisor's advice you can save up to 21%.
    rio de janeiro
    Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana beach are just some of the beauties that will captivate you of the Brazilian city, also made up of profound contrasts. A place that you will never forget and that allows a decent saving, up to 21%, if you book in advance, but only if you think about it at least 6-7 months in advance.
    Australia is the dream land of many. Whether it is to celebrate the New Year in advance or to admire the bay at any other time, it is not necessary to book too long in advance, at least as regards the facilities. Two months is enough to save 11%.

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