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The best Wedding Planner Apps to download for a perfect wedding
The best Wedding Planner Apps to download for a perfect wedding

To choose the music or to keep the budget under control: the Wedding Planner Apps are what you need to organize a fairytale wedding

Organize a wedding it is no small deal.

From the choice of dress to that of theme, from the cake ai invited, from the list of confirmations to the honeymoon trip to plan, the decisions to make and the information to keep in mind are really a lot.

Not to mention the fact that, if you get distracted, the thing risks becoming really expensive.

To avoid going crazy and getting to the wedding without a nervous breakdown, the figure of the wedding planner is comparable to that of a saint.

Too bad you don't always want to add it as an extra item among the already substantial expenses.

Much better to ask for help from technology: browse the gallery, choose the App that's right for you, start the download and give shape to your infallible Virtual Wedding Planner.

The Apps to download to organize the wedding

matrimonio migliore amico
To choose the florist, the photographer, the videomaker and any other type of supplier, download the App, which allows you to find everything you may need, with an archive of over four thousand accredited companies. Same thing for, which, like the almost namesake competitor, offers all kinds of services.
  • For makeup and hair Finding the perfect look is not easy: to do some tests and narrow the choice, download Mary Kay, the App that allows you to experiment with make-up and hairstyles by inserting your own image and seeing in a few simple steps what suits you and what definitely no.
  • For those who are one step ahead of the trivial decision of a theme, the Pantone Studio App is ideal. Here you will find about 10 thousand different shades to choose from, as well as the possibility of finding the universal code of a color by taking a photo and a palette to choose from to compose the best combinations for each shade chosen.

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