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The 10 best low cost lip pencils
The 10 best low cost lip pencils

Much more than a simple outline: the lip pencils allow you to redesign the proportions and define the make-up of the lips, making it more refined and lasting

If you think you can do without one lip pencil, perhaps it is the right time to reconsider. The lip contour is often overlooked, probably because it makes us think of terrible beauty looks of a few decades ago with nude lips and contrasting edges. In reality, lip pencils are essential to make the application of lipstick easier and more durable, but also to redefine and enhance the mouth.

We have selected the best low cost lip pencils able to convince even the most suspicious. Low costs and very high performance: discover our top 10 of the best cheap lip pencils that will allow you to create flawless and kiss-proof make-up!

The best cheap lip pencils to try now

From bright pink to deep burgundy: if you love bold lips you have to try this flawless pencil. Its comfortable texture guarantees a precise and long-lasting line without drying the lips.
Use it to precisely outline the lip contour by combining it with a lipstick of the same shade or fill all the lips letting yourself be surprised by the extreme hold and its silky texture.
Say goodbye to the pencil sharpener: this automatic lip pencil defines the contour of the lips evenly and smoothly. The lead is of the right thickness and comes with a small smudge.
NYX Lip Liner
It has a rather dry but very writing mine: it adheres well to the lips and guarantees a smudge-free make-up. It is available in 50 colors, from baby pink to black brown: you will be spoiled for choice!
The secret to flawless lips is definition. This pencil is soft but precise, perfect for outlining the contours. But, used on all lips as a base, it gives the lipstick extra durability.
Pure color and velvety texture: this pencil available in 9 intense shades is perfect both for defining the lip contour and for filling them with color. Double use for a waterproof and smudge-free result.
The intensity of a lipstick and the precision of a pencil in a 100% vegan product available in over 20 shades. Its formula rich in vegetable oils and waxes makes it super comfortable.
The promise is to give a thousand kisses without a trace, the result is soft but free of smudges. The formula enriched with lanolin makes this pencil extremely smooth and easy to wear.
Water resistant and perfectly no transfer: this automatic pencil combines writing and hold for a super effect. Soft and easy to apply, it adheres to the lips for an intense and comfortable result.
Mouth of a diva pret-à-porter: from nude to ultra dark shades, this pencil is soft but does not smudge, it guarantees softness and hydration for a long time, perfectly perimeter the lip contour.

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