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10 visible mini wardrobes to copy
10 visible mini wardrobes to copy

Is the wardrobe really mini? Exposed is better to optimize the space and make it decorative. Here are 10 ideas to copy

The perfect wardrobe exists, a beginner's word.

In fact, the ideal wardrobe is not necessarily the supersize one, rather it is the one that, in addition to containing and keeping clothes, footwear and accessories in order, is transformed into a real functional and suggestive piece of furniture at the same time.

Here is a selection of mini wardrobe at sight from which to take inspiration to furnish your interiors with order and originality: choose the concept you like best, the palette and the style that best suits the context and get ready for the funniest wardrobe change ever.

10 visible mini wardrobes to copy

A small niche in the wall can be the perfect solution for creating a micro wardrobe. Choose a structure that is beautiful to look at and leave it visible on the room.
a incastro
If space is limited, choose which elements you really can't do without and fit them perfectly into the open available.
a vista moderno
If you want a more modern corner, integrate your mini wardrobe into an existing context. A design chair and a minimal painting will be enough to give a homogeneous and contemporary effect.
Armadio a vista
Creating an exposed wardrobe is an excellent idea to liven up the room and optimize the available space. If the context is total white, as in this case, choose white structures and rigorous wooden hangers.
vintage bedroom
A delightful small wardrobe, strictly retro, to be combined with vintage details such as old grandmother's trunks and chairs covered with romantic upholstery.
specchio armadio
A mirror can turn into a micro wardrobe, if its structure allows it. It will thus be possible for you to save space and furnish the bedroom with a particularly functional element.
A curtain can divide the space of the room from the wardrobe corner. Here is an idea to optimize the square footage and give a fun touch to the environment.
tv vintage portascarpe
The structure looks almost like that of an old TV from the 1950s, but in reality it is a small cabinet that can be transformed into a shoe cabinet. Place it under a composition of paintings and decorative objects.
walk in closet
Who said that if there is little space, you have to give up the wardrobe? Many prefer to sacrifice the sleeping area to ensure closet space. This solution is fun, functional but above all suggestive.
No matter how large the space available, the important thing is to make it extraordinarily beautiful. You could, for example, look for a supersize mirror to put next to your washers for a more than captivating effect.

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