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Stokke: child-friendly (Scandinavian) design
Stokke: child-friendly (Scandinavian) design

Versatile, customizable and with an irresistible design, Stokke products stimulate the growth of the child. And adults like them too

"In the interest of the child" is the basis of philosophy Stokke, which since 1932 has been committed to creating products for children strongly oriented towards design and flexibility.

Norwegian, but with a strong international impact, the company has been on the market for 80 years, but it was in 1972, with the creation of the ingenious chair Tripp Trapp, which is transformed into a world dedicated exclusively to children, offering high-quality furniture, accessories and innovative seating with an unmistakable Scandinavian style.

The ultimate goal is to stimulate the child's continuous growth, strengthening the bond between parents and children and offering them extreme, double satisfaction, thanks to a wide range of functional, customizable and therefore decidedly irresistible products.

Come on versatile high chairs And seats, passing through the baby bath and the modular bedrooms, browse the gallery to discover a world designed to transform everyday experiences into beautiful moments to remember for a lifetime.

Stokke: child-friendly (Scandinavian) design

Launched for the first time in 1972, this innovative high chair fits perfectly on the table, to allow the little one to grow with the family even during meals.
The intelligent and versatile design leaves a great freedom of movement thanks to the numerous adjustment possibilities of the seat and footrest, for a chair that grows with the child.
Versatile, ergonomic and available in a wide assortment of colors, Tripp Trapp is also perfect for adults and as a splendid design and decor element for the home as well.
The inviting house structure guides the child from birth up to 5 years. The options to customize it are numerous and thanks to the optional modules for the cradle and the changing table and the removable side rails, they create the ideal bedroom for the needs of parents and the comfort of the little ones, including play time, transforming the bed if necessary in the sofa and cottage.
Clean lines and modern design for the perfect cradle for baby's rest, thanks also to the gentle rocking movement and light fabrics. It is easy to move from one room to another and with a width of only 50 cm, it can be easily placed even in the tightest spaces.
From changing table to chest of drawers in a single gesture. Equipped with 3 soft closing drawers, it is a practical accessory for storing everything you need for the baby and changing the diaper.
The characteristic oval shape is reminiscent of a nest, to offer the child a sense of protection and safety at all times. The compact dimensions and the wheels with brakes make the cradle easily transportable in any room, transforming it into a noteworthy design and furnishing element thanks to the fabrics and optional accessories such as the curtain.
The growth of the child is accompanied up to 10 years thanks to the transformation of the cradle into a bed. The removable side rails help the little ones to get on and off the bed, stimulating their sense of freedom and independence.
Adjustable in height to offer maximum comfort during diaper changes, it has been designed so that the baby is positioned in front and not sideways. It is also equipped with storage solutions to always have everything you need close at hand.
When the changing table is no longer needed, it reinvents itself as a storage shelf, also transforming itself into a practical desk, to completely follow the baby as it grows.
Suitable from birth up to 4 years, this lightweight and portable tub folds up when needed to be placed in a crate or even in a suitcase. It is equipped with a support for babies, a non-slip base and a cap for easy emptying.
From sleep to baby food, this versatile chair accompanies the child as it evolves over time.
Easy to adjust, with the Baby Set and the tray it offers support and comfort suitable for every need.
The chair is also available in a wide range of wooden colors and accessories, developed and designed for active, independent and always on the go children.

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