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The cameos of the stars you (maybe) never noticed
The cameos of the stars you (maybe) never noticed

From Daniel Craig in Star Wars to Michael Jackson in Men in Black II: here are the cameos of the stars you may never have noticed in the movies

Sometimes it happens that VIPs have fun appearing in a movie for a cameo. So, just for the fun of it and to see if the public notices it.

Most of the time these participations are spoiled before the film even hits the screen, but part of the game is also figuring out when the famous character will appear.

Particularly in Hollywood in past years it was common practice to squeeze a star into a scene. Practice that seems to be back in fashion in the last period.

We went to fish out some of the most famous cameos and others that are really impossible to notice.

Browse the gallery to refresh your memory.

The cameos of the stars in the movies

donald trump mamma ho perso aereo
The current President of the United States, then the celebrated successful businessman, appeared in a scene of the cult sequel starring Macaulay Culkin. In the scene, Kevin stands at the Plaza Hotel in New York and asks for directions. The tycoon, who even has a joke in the scene, replies: "At the end of the corridor on the left."
bill murray scemo piu scemo
The actor appeared in the demented film with Jim Carrey, although it is hard to recognize him. The comedian played Ice Pick, Harry's roommate, played by Jeff Daniels (the other protagonist) and wore a yellow anti-contamination jumpsuit and a mask, very similar to those now known to all fans of "breaking Bsd"
cameron diaz minority report
It is difficult to find a film in which she is not the protagonist, but the actress in this film has a part that has escaped most. The star appears in a scene in which Tom Cruise gets on a subway and she is already sitting on board and reading the newspaper. In the same scene, right in front of her, also appears the director Cameron Crowe. The three had just finished working together on the set of "Vanilla Sky" when Cruise began recording "Minority Report."
david beckham uncle
The former footballer appeared in a scene from the 2015 Guy Ritchie movie, but is barely recognizable due to his clothing, mustache and eyeglasses. In the film he plays a projectionist.
david beckham cameo king arthur
The experience went so well that the director called him into question again for his next film, which has already started shooting. Again Beckham will not show his beautiful face as it is, but he has undergone a drastic transformation, which he anticipated on Instagram.
glenn close hook
Steven Spielberg's 1991 cult starring Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams is full of more or less recognizable star cameos. At the beginning of the film, Phil Collins appears as the police commissioner who arrives at Peter's house when the children are kidnapped. Carrie Fisher and George Lucas are the two who kiss on the deck when Tinker Bell carries Peter wrapped in a sheet, and who take flight thanks to the powder that falls from the fairy. And then there is Glenn Close, unrecognizable, disguised as a man to play one of the pirates, the one who ends up in the "bubboliera".
hoffa tim burton
The director, king of gothic and dark atmospheres, could only play a dead man in his cameo. Burton appeared in the 1992 film directed by Danny DeVito who was both director and performer. The two had met and had formed an excellent bond shortly before, in reverse, on the set of "Batman", in which DeVito played the role of the villain Penguin.
michael jackson men in black
The singer had received an offer to participate in the first film already, but had refused. Once he knew that a sequel would be made, the king of pop wanted to meet the director to tell him that the previous chapter had moved him and that he would participate in the second, but on one condition: he would also wear the black suit, uniform of order of every Men in black. In the film, Michael played another agent who worked for an affiliated agency.
richard branson casino royale
The Virgin owner and big James Bond fan appears in the 2006 film. A cameo that represents a token of thanks from the production for procuring a plane for the shoot at the last moment. In return, the tycoon asked to appear in a scene. Et voilĂ , here he is while he undergoes airport checks (and it couldn't be otherwise).
stayng alive silvester stallone
Not everyone knows that Sly was the producer and director of the sequel to "Saturday Night Fever", released in 1983 six years after the first film. In the film, the actor can be seen for a few seconds, just long enough to bump into Tony Manero (John Travolta) who came out of a studio while walking.
daniel crail stormtrooper
Before the release of the film there were rumors of the participation of the former James Bond in the filming of the film. But once he landed in the halls, no one saw him. The reason? The actor was hiding behind the Stormtroopper costume and is what appears when Rey is held captive.

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