Tradition and revolution: Swatch is the new line of ultralight watches
Tradition and revolution: Swatch is the new line of ultralight watches

A brand that has revolutionized the concept of watches and that today continues to surprise with SKIN, the thinnest timepiece collection ever

The story of a revolution, the one that began in 1983 with the launch of a new watch, in plastic and inexpensive, which shortly thereafter would transform the concept of timepiece.

At the helm of that adventure there was Swatch and her desire to wear on the wrist not only an instrument that marks the passage of time, but also a smile capable of communicating without the use of words, of transmitting joy, personality, emotions, of provoking.

To do this, too many frills are never needed. It was enough to materialize the brand's identity in a natural way and express it through versatility, desire for innovation and also design, which has always been distinguishable and recognizable. A real trademark, just like the variegated and refined color palette, the playful prints, the references to the most varied worlds and universes - such as sport. And then that continuous inspiration to art that makes the clock a canvas for painters, sculptors, musicians, directors.

With the surprise effect that has always distinguished the Swiss label, Swatch today launches the thinnest collection ever. Is called SKIN and consists of 11 essential and easy to wear models.

Ultralight, versatile and available in regular and big sizes, the latest models boast a simple and minimal elegance, an innovative two-tone case. And a wave element embellished with a crown with jeweled design and sophisticated details.

Looking at the time, as well as the passage of time, you can feel the thrill of the unknown, the beauty of movement and the euphoria of change. The line, in fact, revolves around the concept #YOURMOVE, a story of transformation declined into dreams, ideas, opportunities, advocating a freedom that reveals the most important moments of life.

Browse our gallery to discover the watch collection SKIN and let yourself be overwhelmed by the sense of movement!


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