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Holographic make-up: iridescent products to shine like unicorns
Holographic make-up: iridescent products to shine like unicorns

Shine like unicorns with the new holographic makeup products. Lipsticks, eye shadows and sparkling highlighters with unique reflections

Is your dream to shine like unicorns? Try the iridescent makeup products for holographic make up, one of the great trends of the moment.

Thanks to the return of the 90s in the fashion and beauty field, holographic makeup is now experiencing a golden moment - even if it would be better to say iridescent - becoming an indispensable must have, supported by social glam like Pinterest And Instagram, where pastel rainbow looks are the most popular.

How is the make up hologram inspired by unicorns? With iridescent highlighters, hyper glitter eyeshadows and transforming lipsticks and glosses, to be applied alone or together with your classic make-up to create personalized shiny looks.

Browse the gallery and discover the must-have holographic makeup products among the news Kat Von D, Lime Crime, Nyx Cosmetics, Too Faced And Urban Decay - just to name a few - and get ready to shine!

The holographic makeup products to shine like unicorns

make up olografico palette illuminanti kat von d
With an extreme iridescent effect, these highlighter pods can be used alone or as a top coat to transform any make-up. The powders are unique thanks to DoubleDimension Technology, which makes each shade ultra-reflective and iridescent at 360 degrees.
They use Prisamatic Technology to create a three-dimensional, ultra-bright, glittery and iridescent effect. Apply to nude lips, classic lipsticks or matte liquid lipsticks (the most glam option) for an amazing long-lasting effect. The extra detail? They smell like candy!
make up olografico glitter viso e corpo nyx cosmetics
A super versatile low cost option that allows you to create high impact looks. The American brand offers them in infinite variations, among which the variant with a silver base and hologaphic iridescent effect in the infinite shades of the Crystal rainbow stands out.
Defined by the independent American brand as "the palette of illuminants for unicorns". The translucent opalescent pearls with a holographic effect that characterize the formula blend with the complexion creating a super intense long-lasting effect without emphasizing imperfections or dilated pores.
make up olografico bare minerals marvelous moxie lipgloss hypontist
An iridescent gloss that transforms any lip makeup thanks to the infinite holographic reflections. The formula of this gloss also includes antioxidant active ingredients, such as vitamins A, C and E.
make up olografico pigmento make up for ever
Iridescent pearly micro pigments make up the powder formula of these multifunctional illuminants. Available in different color variations, they are excellent as eye shadows, highlighters, lipsticks and eyeliner for a glow effect that leaves you speechless.
make up olografico anastasia berverly hills palette glow-kit-moonchild
Celestial finish for the opalescent highlighters of this highlighter kid with cold reflections, reminiscent of the glare of ice. To make the make-up kaleidoscopic.
A unique effect to lip makeup with this multicolored gloss to use as a top coat. Each lipstick acquires new shades and a truly magical three-dimensional effect. Unicorn effect guaranteed!
make up olografico palette ombretti mac make up art collection kabuki
Part of the limited edition Make-Up Art Cosmetics, this eyeshadow palette contains extra bright and iridescent shades that can make the look hyper precious. Unmissable, collectible.
make up olografico illuminante arcobaleno a forma di cuore make up revolution
A heart-shaped rainbow highlighter? Oh yes! Pearly pastel colors to be applied on the cheekbones to feel like real unicorns. Plus, it's super affordable!
make up olografico rossetto too faced la creme unicorntears
Iridescent shimmer effect for this creamy lipstick that can be used both alone and together with another lipstick, as a fairy top coat.
make up olografico urban decay palette moondust
Eight shades with an extra three-dimensional shimmer effect to create crazy eye make-up. The texture is unique, unlike any other eyeshadow you have tried. Seeing is believing!
make up olografico illuminante lilla NYX-Cosmetics-Duo-Chromatic-Illuminating-Powder
A duochrome illuminating powder with an intense lavender pearlescence. Also available in white, pink, peach and orange, it is a truly delicious low-cost holographic product.
make up olografico make up geek hologram_pigment
Multi-dimension effect for this free powder pigment from the American brand. The color is intense gold on fire with red, pink and orange reflections that take your breath away. Wow!
make up olografico illuminante in stick milk
Welcome to the world of unicorns with this special holographic glow stick, one of the most talked about products of the moment. It can be applied freely on face, eyes, lips and body for a glowy 3D out of this world effect.
make up olografico kit path mcgrath
An ultra-reflective cooked powder, two illuminating sticks and a special brush make up this glow kit created by the famous American make-up artist. The effect on the face is very intense, dedicated to those who want to bring their beauy looks to an unprecedented pro level.

Credits Ph. Cover: Pinterest & Instagram Lime Crime

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