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Cheap restaurants in Milan, where you can eat well and spend little
Cheap restaurants in Milan, where you can eat well and spend little

In Milan, eating (very) well and spending less than 25 euros - even for dinner - is more than possible: we tell you where

Milan is full of restaurants where to eat well, but sometimes the pleasure of good food is combined with the unpleasantness of the bill, and so you end up reducing your outings and allowing yourself fewer meals out than you would like.

The truth, however, is that it is not necessary to have your wallet peeled to eat well, quite the contrary.

We have selected ten cheap restaurants, in different areas of the city and with different culinary proposals to satisfy all tastes.

Scroll down and get ready for an appetizing low cost tour of a Milan that you (maybe) don't know yet!

Cheap restaurants, Milan center

Jarit, piazza Santo Stefano, corner of Via Festa del Perdono

An original concept of catering created to make a gastronomic experience previously reserved for a few accessible to all: within a single portion glass jar you will find the quality and refinement of a haute cuisine dish, created by renowned chefs who have conceived and put various recipes under glass, thus creating a real menu.

The dishes change every two months and are made respecting the quality and seasonality of raw materials, and can be consumed both in the bright room in Piazza Santo Stefano, and at home (they can be kept up to 18 days in the refrigerator!), after heating the jar for a few minutes in a microwave or bain-marie.


Cheap restaurants in Milan, Cinque Giornate area

Miscusi, via Pompeo Litta, 6

A new restaurant dedicated to all pasta-lovers: the formula is based on three types of pasta to choose from (paccheri, spaghetti and tagliatelle; in the “normal” version, wholemeal or without corn and rice flour) e three stuffed alternatives (ravioli, pansotti and tortelli), to be combined with a series of seasonings that change seasonally, based on the availability and freshness of the ingredients.

There is also a great classic, cherry tomato and basil, to be paired with a cheese of your choice, traditional, Mediterranean pesto, nduja or pistachio cream with the addition of crunchy (pine nuts, almonds, pistachio or walnuts).

The presence of an exposed pasta factory means that from Miscusi the wholemeal flour is self-produced every day thanks to a mill that artisanally grinds the Altamura durum wheat at the moment, thus preserving proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Marghe, via Cadore 26

Still on the subject of carbohydrates, this could not be missing pizzeria in via Cadore, which has recently opened a new office in via Plinio 6 (Porta Venezia area).

Its dough obtained with type 1 flour - which allows you to have a lighter and tastier Neapolitan pizza - the particular natural leavening 48 hours at room temperature, the cooking in a wood oven and the choice of only products of Italian excellence make it one of the most digestible, good and tasty you can try in Milan.


Cheap restaurants, Milan Navigli

Ramen shop, via Vigevano 20

Ramen is no longer a novelty now, but try one 100% Japanese, with a balanced taste and a delicate flavor, it is becoming a challenge

In this tiny place in the heart of the nightlife Milanese you can try seven versions that will not disappoint you: classic, spicy, with chicken, with seafood, vegetarian and the very special curry variant, which until now no restaurant had ever offered.

The portions are generous, and there is also the possibility to choose between the large plate and the small one, at two different prices; for those not in the mood for soups, it is possible to fall back on the excellent dry alternative, or on the tasty don, a bowl of rice served with strips of beef or braised pork with soy sauce.

Bottega del Ramen_def

Wang Jiao, Viale Col di Lana 14

A different Chinese restaurant than usual, genuine, far from the gastronomic stereotypes (you won't find spring roll here!) and architectural (forget red lanterns and golden dragons) to which you are used to.

Don't expect the usual Chinese food, because here the dishes are traditional, but often revisited: try the fried eggplant, veal with ginger, salt and pepper prawns and - for the more daring not too sensitive to chilli - the fire bowls of meat or fish.

The philosophy of the restaurant is inspired by Hong Kong cuisine: you can choose from many courses and, as in China, the dishes all come together.

If you do not gravitate to the Navigli area, do not despair, the restaurant has other offices in via Padova 3 (NoLo); via Felice Casati 7 (Porta Venezia) and via Lomazzo 16 (Chinatown).

Wang Jiao

Low cost restaurants, Milan Porta Romana

MAM Milano Amore Mio, via Lodovico Muratori, 7

This delicious vintage bistro in the crowded - gastronomically speaking - Via Muratori is part of the Milano Amore Mio project (renting houses for short periods), and is a real gem where you can breathe an intimate and familiar air.

Exposed beams, retro lamps and author's paintings are the ideal setting for enjoying various proposals throughout the day, ranging from fragrant home-made pastries for breakfast through to exquisite specialty coffees and excellent evening cocktails.

Both for lunch and dinner there is no menu: the different courses are served as a surprise on a tray including a selection of dishes recovered from the grandmother's sideboard, with vegetarian and organic gourmet dishes, which you will rarely taste elsewhere.


Polleria Milano 2.0, via Crema 16

It could have been suicide, opening one poultry a few meters from Giannasi, the most famous shack in the city that offers the exact same food, but this place is a real mecca for roast chicken lovers, who wish not only to take it away, but also to eat it on the spot.

The place is small, but bright (in spring there are also some tables outside), the proposals, in addition to the aforementioned roast chicken, also include a delicious cockerel in three possible ways (with herbs, tandoori and japan), skewers, wings, meatballs, potatoes, grilled vegetables and - made to order - duck.

The beers are those of the Lambrate Brewery, while the menu is as simple as genuinely tasty and terribly satisfying.


Cheap restaurants in Milan, Porta Venezia

Let’s Wok, Via Panfilo Castaldi, 40

A fixed stop for all lovers of noodles: in this small and cozy room with a bamboo ceiling from which lush plants descend, from a strictly open kitchen, expert cooks continuously blow up a series of woks on fire on very high flames, to prepare one of the oriental specialties par excellence.

The menu is do-it-yourself: you choose the base (rice, egg or wholemeal noodles, brown rice or basmati); then proteins are added, such as tofu, chicken, beef, shrimp, salmon; we then move on to vegetables of all kinds (from the Chinese packchoi to Quion, the Peruvian ginger, up to the American baby corn on the cob), and finally everything is enriched with the different homemade sauces.

However, if experimentation is not your thing, you can decide to rely on the chefs, opting for one of the six combinations on the menu.

Lets Wok

Flower Burger, viale Vittorio Veneto 10

Who says that even i vegetarians cannot indulge in a burger with all the sacred trappings, which has nothing to envy to the carnivorous variant?

Flower Burger is the first gourmet veganburgherie in Italy: the burgers on the menu are appetizing, made up of high quality ingredients, beautiful to look at and above all good to eat; the bread is 100% homemade, and ranges from turmeric through the now iconic black with charcoal to seven-grain bread.

Then forget the sad and punitive atmospheres of many veg places: here the walls are a tribute to the colorful and psychedelic graphics of Yellow Submarine, mixed with furnishings in natural wood and enameled iron, in perfect 70s style.

Flower Burger_def

Cheap restaurants, Milan NoLo

Kungfu Bao, Viale Monza 37

In the heart of that new neighborhood in the limelight that is NoLo (North of Loreto) is this place characterized by a particular furniture and very bright colors.

His specialty? Oriental ravioli of all kinds, fresh, handmade and at the moment (both dry and in broth), and baozi, a kind of sandwich-focaccia stuffed with minced meat and vegetables, steamed, typically Chinese and often absent from the menus of Chinese restaurants.

The service is fast and punctual, the portions very generous, the excellent food and the low price: since the word is now spreading quickly, it is good to book in advance.

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