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Elodie Di Patrizi: hair, make-up and the most beautiful beauty looks of the singer
Elodie Di Patrizi: hair, make-up and the most beautiful beauty looks of the singer

Elodie is one of the Italian singers of the moment. Known for her short pink hair, discover her most beautiful beauty looks

Elodie Di Patrizi is one Italian singer with a minimal but extra glamorous look. Its distinctive feature? Short pink hair.

After having triumphed in the talent Amici and on the Ariston stage at the 2017 Sanremo Festival, Elodie is winning the hearts of fans not only for her remarkable singing skills but also for her beauty look.

Elodie's complexion is amber thanks to her Creole origins (her mother is from the French Antilles) and is highlighted by simple make up that fully reflect his minimalist style. The Elodie's eyebrows they are important and dark - in stark contrast to i pastel pink hair - while the lips are often left natural or emphasized by nude colors.

If you want to discover Elodie's make-up in detail, vent the gallery, where you can also observe the shades of her hair - ranging from pink to gray through purple and fuchsia - and some of her favorite designer products Urban Decay, Lancome And Kiehl's.

Elodie Di Patrizi: hair, make-up and the most beautiful beauty looks of the singer

Removed from make-up and still under the covers, Elodie greets fans on Instagram with an intimate shot. The nails, in the foreground, are short and well-groomed. The pink nude nail polish is super chic.
Elodie's short pink hair is combed upwards, while the eye makeup is light but with character thanks to the black pencil and lengthening mascara.
Reverse smokey eyes make-up, with a very dark and shaded lower lash line and caramel-colored lips with a glossy effect. The nails are still powdery.
Nude lip makeup for the singer.
A selfie that highlights the star's long lashes and full, shiny lips, well hydrated.
Elodie Di Patrizi loves to play with make-up: here she is experimenting with one of the famous Urban Decay Naked Flushed face palettes - here in the Nooner variant - and with one of the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick.
In a backstage shot, Elodie shows off one of the products she uses to style her pastel-colored hair. This is Kiehl's Malleable Molding Paste.
A beautiful image of the Italian singer, who highlights the cheekbones thanks to a veil of earth and dresses her nails in a very trendy dark shade.
Another backstage image. Also in this case Elodie is struggling with her make up. We see her applying the famous oriental-inspired Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil.
Here is Elodie showing off a rainbow hair, with shades of purple, gray and fuchsia.
An older look than Elodie, with fuchsia candy shaded hair.

Credits Ph.: Instagram @elodiedipatrizi

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