Martina Stoessel: Once upon a time there was Violetta, now it's Tini's turn
Martina Stoessel: Once upon a time there was Violetta, now it's Tini's turn

She arrives in concert, debuts as a stylist and is engaged. Grazia met with Argentine postar Martina Stoessel. Who has changed skin and already has the next move in mind.

When Martina Stoessel he opens the door of the suite where he made an appointment for me, I find myself exclaiming, in the same tone as an aunt invited to Sunday lunch would have: "My dear, how much have you grown?". Obviously, his staff looks at me with perplexity. However, she welcomes me with little cries: "Do you remember?" And everyone calms down. Forget the Violet television, that all pastel dances and skirts that, up to four years ago, thwarted my every attempt to see a television news in peace, forcing me, instead, to fight against a daughter hypnotized by her Disney TV series. And the teenager who, more or less at the same time, I had met in Spain on the set of a fashion shoot for Grazia, where the Argentine singer had mixed up and mixed all the looks patiently prepared by the editorial staff, has also disappeared. Capricious, I thought. Although, I admit, his choices worked.


The 20-year-old I have in front of me today is simply Tini, as everyone now calls her: her hair is gathered in a ponytail, she wears men's trousers with suspenders over a white T-shirt and untied combat boots. In a few days he arrives in Italy in concert: the March 28 he will be at the Assago Forum, in Milan, and on the 30th at the Palalottomatica in Rome with his own Tini-Got Me Started Tour, a show full of energy, where he repeats many songs from his television career and as a soloist. But the news does not end here. The singer, who continues to be part of the Disney stable, in addition to music, expands to fashion.

His first collection is making its debut these days Tini by Martina Stoessel, a series of dresses available online for Italy. And finally there is a fiancé, the young Spanish model and entrepreneur Pepe Barroso Jr, whom he met last year on the set of the Great Escape video and who, since then, has never left: "Pepe is studying in Los Angeles and it is not always easy to meet," says Tini of him. «He is a special boy, always present when it comes to supporting me in the difficulties and in the little things of every day. He does it with a hug or with a word. And it is always the right one ».


So I bet there will be a lot of sexy pieces in the new collection. “Yes, but not in the most obvious sense. I thought of a relaxed, non-aggressive style, where pearls, which are the common thread, mix with black leather and rock details. But there is no lack of delicate colors and soft cuts. In my head I had a beautiful girl in mind precisely because she doesn't want to perform at all costs. After all, that's the way I am too. If I have to seduce someone, I prefer to do it with a hinted neckline, with a short but feminine skirt, not with cheeky nudity. And I would say that, in my case, it worked ». With the albums born from the television series you became a star. The first video Born to Shine as Tini had a million views and last year the film about Violetta's new life arrived. Why did you feel the need for this fashion challenge? "I've never been the type who stands still, who is satisfied with safe things and who knows how to do well: the absence of risks bores me. And in recent years I feel a lot changed, stronger. These dresses are also a way of telling the new me. It is no longer enough for me to wear something that simply fits me, a dress has to talk about me. Before starting this adventure, however, I wanted to feel really safe ». What was the stumbling block to overcome?«Imagine the final result. When I compose a song I know where I want to go. Music is my world. With fashion it was different, I had no experience and I relied on people who had the right technical skills and who could help me realize my ideas. It took me a year but in the end I was really satisfied and I put my "signature" on every dress: in the prints or in the lining there is always a stylized reference to my little dog Olga ".

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This is the moment of the influencers, of girls who, like Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo or Alexa Chung, wear and launch trends, then copied by everyone. Do you want to become one of them?«No, for now it seems exaggerated, I aim to be an influencer especially with my music. Of course, I really care that my clothes are liked, but above all that they are not considered unreachable by my peers ».

Tini, you are very slim, petite: a style built on you is not easy for many girls.«I have reflected a lot on this delicate issue. My collection is meant to be accessible. For example, I am often attacked for my thinness. And social bullying certainly doesn't help many girls to have a correct perception of their body. But true beauty for me concurs with a healthy, sporty body, but above all loved and accepted, of whatever size it is ».Who are the women with a style you like?«The models Sara Sampaio, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. But the best, in my opinion, remains Taylor Swift. She is very good at everything she does: she has been able to perfectly plan her musical career, that of an actress and in addition she is a true style icon. It would be great if you noticed my clothes. ' You are not far from its success. How do you see yourself in a few years?«For me music and work are fundamental, but the family is very important, I would like to have children and a love that will last a lifetime. These are the principles I grew up with and believe in. And Pepe is also a very traditional guy ». Tini pauses for a while to reflect, then grabs the cell phone. I think she wants me to see the photo of her boyfriend. But no, there is still a lot of work to be done, concerts to prepare and probably also an upcoming fashion show. He looks at me with a sly smile: "Don't you happen to have Taylor Swift's number here?"

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