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Easter eggs in the ranking: the best (and most beautiful) of 2017
Easter eggs in the ranking: the best (and most beautiful) of 2017

We tasted the 2017 Easter Eggs to evaluate the goodness of the chocolate and the beauty of the surprise: here is the ranking!

Are you ready for one of the most gluttonous rankings of 2017?

We tasted the Easter chocolate eggs easily available in supermarkets and decided to raise the bar, finding the eggs we loved most at Easter 2016 and adding products never tasted before and of high quality.

Our jury met to evaluate the aesthetics of the package, the taste of the chocolate and the quality of the surprise with a score of (from 1 to 10). What is the best Easter egg of 2017? Find out in the ranking, in strict order of increasing pleasure!

The ranking of the best Easter eggs of 2017

Uovo di Pasqua Galak Nestle 2017
The celebratory version of a great classic! The packaging is in line with the chocolate bar from which it was born, a brand with many years of history behind it that is fully reflected on the product, for good … and for bad. The aesthetics of the egg and the Pluff mascot are not very much in step with the times. The chocolate is good, completely identical to the "mother" product. The Galak, however, is as it is like a football team: either you already esteem it, or you find it hard to please yourself. The surprise we found inside, however, struck us because it is a game inspired by Memory, of excellent workmanship with cards depicting subjects inspired by the Galak mascot "drops". In short: well but not very well for a valid alternative to the usual egg that should however be renewed and enhanced.
uova di pasqua winx bauli 2017
If there is one thing that will amaze you about the chocolate of this Bauli egg it is its thickness, which immediately gives the impression of a product with greater consistency than the competition. The flavor of the chocolate is superior to the standard, but it doesn't make a difference in taste compared to the ones we already know. The surprise inside is truly remarkable: we liked it, let alone the girls and boys who will choose Iginio Straffi's magical fairies. The plastic Winx doll (complete with a pedestal to keep it standing) is painted with beautiful colors and meticulous attention to detail. You feel like collecting them all.
uova di pasqua ferrero rocher 2017
An alternative proposal, obviously designed for an adult audience. The egg, smaller in size than classic Easter eggs, has an elegant and attractive packaging. The egg tastes the same as the crunchy outer surface of Ferrero Rocher, so it's yummy. Inside, the surprise consists of a package with three Ferrero Rocher. An acceptable self-referential choice which unfortunately does not add a (real) surprise that would have brought him higher in the standings. What if they did a special edition, at a higher price, in agreement with a brand that produces charm for bracelets? The quality of the Rocher deserves something really precious to make this good product, one of a kind.
baci perugina uovi di pasqua 2017
A necessary premise, but don't be scared: the Easter egg doesn't taste like Baci Perugina. Shock. You read that right. The product, born on the wave of the famous chocolate much loved on Valentine's Day, uses Luisa chocolate for the external egg (from Luisa Spagnoli, creator of the Perugina company that invented, among other things, the "Baci") and it's really good. The outer packaging is gorgeous and inside there are four Baci Perugina of the variety you have chosen (milk, white, dark, or very dark at 70%). In addition, we found a metal heart "Made in Italy" of unfortunately mediocre workmanship. To win in this egg, it is evident, it is not surprise, but the external chocolate. While it does not take up the taste of the Kiss that we love so much, it is a very high quality product, aesthetically perfect (it is shiny and compact, it seems handmade). In short: it has positive aspects in taste, confused in the idea and negative in the surprise, but aims to give the customer a product with an artisanal taste.
There is no trick and there is no deception. Inside this egg you will find a real Trudi puppet like those normally sold on the market. With a quick comparison between how much the egg costs and the surprise inside, you will discover that the shopping made with a Paluani egg is very much for the customer. Chocolate is honest, it is what it should be, nothing more and nothing less. Maybe it is a little too "soft" to the touch, but it does not stick in the mouth, it is much lighter than many of its competitors. The external packaging is nice and fun. It will be like buying a little Trudi, but with an extra greedy touch. We, for the record, have found a beautiful lucky ladybug. A nose makes us say that they will be snapped up.
lindt nocciolatte uovo di pasqua
On the podium comes the excellence of chocolate available at the supermarket and its preciousness can be seen right from the packaging, rich and colorful (and with trendy colors). Chocolate is as gratifying as making love, with its hazelnuts on the surface with coarse grains, flavorful and crunchy. Inside, two surprises: we found a finely crafted (and fairly consistent) owl-shaped keychain but above all a 10 euro voucher to rent movies on Chili TV, a streaming platform with an excellent catalog and affordable prices that will allow you to give a lot of value to that voucher. In short, from wherever you take it (apart from the pendant), it is an unassailable egg.
novi nocciolato al latte uovo di pasqua
No words would be needed to explain what this chocolate egg is. We will use one: "Wow!". "Wow" when you open it and the room fills with an incredible scent, "Wow" when you crack the egg and find a jagged structure of whole hazelnuts (you read that right, whole, all whole). The roasting and quality is touching, the flavor is intense and crunchy with every bite. You feel lucky to be alive on this planet to tell it. Only the gift, the chance to participate in a competition to win a trip to Stockholm, brings you back to reality. We would have preferred a discount code for a trip, a voucher to use on Booking. In short, a modest thought that you forget immediately. This Easter egg is simply sublime and unmissable.
kinder gransopresa uovo di pasqua frozen 2017
We tested the supremacy of this excellent world famous chocolate egg, but he still won. We chose the Disney Frozen version for the occasion. The packaging is as beautiful and familiar as ever and chocolate has one thing that other competitors don't have: when you start you will never stop eating it. To surprise us and to conquer the victory this year was the gift. We found not one, not two, but three surprises inside the egg. In ours there were some beautiful Frozen themed stickers, a fun and structured card game with all the characters of the cartoon represented (even the minor ones) and then a mountable Elsa doll. Although the whole doll fits perfectly inside the egg capsule, the company reconfirms the desire to have the toy built, as well as in any classic Kinder egg. The magic of this product is renewed once again. Nice, fun and yummy as ever.

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