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Ten things to do if he doesn't call (instead of hurting)
Ten things to do if he doesn't call (instead of hurting)

Never make your happiness depend on a phone call: if he doesn't call, there are ten things you should do instead of suffering from it

He doesn't call and you find yourself home alone with your waxing done on a Friday night.

Or he doesn't call and in the meantime you have unpacked a packet of ice cream, two packets of crackers and one of potato chips staring at the phone waiting for a nod.

How many times has it happened to you to ruin an evening, or a weekend and in any case the mood because of a man who does not call?

How many friends have you bored with your black mood on Saturday night?

Time to leave it and to change attitudes, to see things more lightly and to face relationships in a more positive way.

Because if he doesn't call, he sure doesn't deserve to ruin your life. Not even for a few hours.

Here's what you should do instead.

avete tempo per voi

Do something to pamper yourself

Take advantage of having time off your commitments for give it to yourself while you're at it.

What do you care about dating someone who's gone, do you really want to be with someone who doesn't do you any good?

The obvious answer is no, to remind yourself of this you should give yourself a cuddle and remind yourself that no one knows how to take care of you better than yourself.

Put yourself in the bathtub with a glass of wine or on the couch with a nourishing mask on your face and one on your hair.

The mobile should be left silent in another room.

essere tristi per un flirt

Change the music

Give the power to change your mood to a man with whom you only went out a few times and who you know relatively little is like giving the house keys to the cashier of the Esselunga.

Only the very important people in your life should have this power, not anyone.

Don't give yourself permission to pity yourself: play a song that makes you happy e make the mood swirl by force in the other direction, to the great cry of who cares.

focalizzarsi sul presente

Focus on the present

Don't think about what you don't have, how you would be if he was there or how much you would like to hear him.

If not, if he is not there, it is useless to go and torture yourself: live in the present, what you have around you, the people who are there at that moment with you, otherwise you risk missing out on a possible beautiful moment of your life.

Are you having an aperitif with friends and were you hoping that he would show up to join you? It does not do it? Patience!

Make yourself smile again, turn off that blessed cell phone and have fun with the people around you.

l’amore non è qualcosa che si da a tutti copia

Remember that love is something else

The word love is misused, it is also often used for obsessions and possession over people ends up inappropriately governing your actions.

Do you really care about him? Or do you just want him to be resentful for confirmation on yourself?

non tutte le storie sono perfette

Accept that not everyone is a blue prince

Not all men are the right ones, a night of passion does not always turn into the story of life and all this does not necessarily have to do with you: it is life, it goes like this, and people don't always behave well.

When you will no longer link it to your worth you will breathe a sigh of relief.

potete chiamare un altro

Call another

Good news: if he no longer makes himself heard, you can go out with someone else, with the cute one you met at the bar downstairs or with the university mate you haven't heard from for a while.

In conclusion, pull a possible flirtation out of the hat, put on a nice dress and go out.

potete uscire con più di uno

You should flirt with more than one

If you are active on several fronts, for someone who disappears, there is always someone who makes himself heard. It's math.

And in investments it is always done: it is called differentiation of investments to reduce risk, so you will have more chances that some story will be successful and above all you do not risk the obsession effect that makes them run away.

qualcosa di meglio vi aspetta

Think there is something better waiting for you

In English we say The best is yet to come The best is yet to come: isn't it wonderful?

You should think exactly like this: if he's gone he wasn't the one, and there's definitely something better around the corner waiting for you - meet him with a smile.

scrivergli voi

You call it

Men don't always have to take the first step, for a couple of times you can also do something to unlock events, if you then see that he does not react as he should let it be.

What do you have to lose? At most you will discover that he is an idiot, and it is information that the earlier you have the better.

uscire con le amiche è più divertente

Go out with friends

Ok, it's not the candlelit evening you imagined, but it could also be a lot more fun: go to dinner, let yourself be dragged to some club and don't come back before dawn, you will see that it will be a wonderful evening, one to be repeated.

Who better than your friends can make you feel so good? (Certainly not an idiot who doesn't call you).

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