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Long bob: the best cuts of stars and influencers
Long bob: the best cuts of stars and influencers

Trendy, versatile and comfortable, the long bob is a cut that suits all faces. Here are the best hair looks to copy

It is the coolest cut of the moment. Easy to wear and manage, it looks good on all types of faces. The stars and influencers who elected it as the best hair look of 2017 know this well. Do you want to show off a long bob too? Follow our advice.

A helmet for every face and hair

The most suitable faces to show off a long bob are oval, triangular and rectangular ones that can camouflage the most angular features by choosing a cut that is neither too long nor too short. Those who, on the other hand, have a round or square face, would do well to choose a long scaled, wavy or curly bob. The layered cut is also recommended when the hair is thin, precisely because it gives more volume to the hairdo. In this case, also prefer a tuft with even fringe that covers the forehead.

Because we like the long bob

Because we can change it from time to time: smooth the night before, it becomes wavy if dried with ad hoc products. And, even if the hair is not perfectly in order, it does not lose any of its glamor. The long bob can hide some face flaws and, in any case, perfectly frames any face. Versatile, strategic and cool: what are you waiting for to try it?

Look at our gallery with the selection of best long helmets sported by stars and influencers and let yourself be inspired.

Long bob: the best cuts of stars and influencers

felicity jones caschetto lungo
Spaghetti effect straight hair for actress Felicity Jones. Credits ph.: Getty Images
cara delevigne caschetto lungo
Among the lob fans is Cara Delevingne who prefers it with a long tuft moved to the side. Credits ph.: Getty Images
arizona muse caschetto lungo
Arizona Muse chooses a wavy and fluffy helmet: it is the most popular look for street style enthusiasts.
candela caschetto lungo
Central line and wavy lengths enlivened by light blond brushstrokes for Candela.
jessica chastain
A retro wave bob for Jessica Chastain. Credits ph.: Getty Images
The choppy bob is Alexa Chung's signature hair look. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Emma Roberts caschetto lungo
With regrowth in evidence for Emma Roberts. Credits ph.: Getty Images
diletta bonaiuti caschetto lungo
Diletta Bonaiuti sports a tuft worked to give more volume to the hairdo.
Ellen Page caschetto lungo
A very basic cut for Ellen Page who opts for a light balayage. Credits ph.: Getty Images
eleonora carisi caschetto lungo
For Eleonora Carisi the long bob must always be wavy and with a vintage elegance. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Emilia Clarke caschetto lungo
Long and wavy bob also for Emilia Clarke. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Jenna Dewan Tatum caschetto lungo
If you have naturally wavy hair, choose Jenna Dewan Tatum's style. Credits ph.: Getty Images
jennifer lawrence caschetto lungo
Textured tips for Jennifer Lawrence's bob. Credits ph.: Getty Images
emma stone caschetto lungo
Very rigorous and precise, the hairstyle that Emma Stone has chosen knows how to enhance her beautiful features. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Kate Mara caschetto lungo
For those with a triangular face like Kate Mara, the best solution is a medium bob with scaled lengths that break the geometry of the face. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Irene Kim caschetto lungo
A very light pink bob, that of Irene Kim, which certainly does not go unnoticed.
lily collins 174029636
Beach waves with a light balayage for Lilly Collins. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Lucy Hale caschetto lungo
Messy effect for Lucy Hale's hair look. Credits ph.: Getty Images
margot robbie caschetto lungo
Margot Robbie's cut is very elegant and refined. Credits ph.: Getty Images
Nicole Warne caschetto lungo
Nicole Warne's wavy long bob is simple and chic at the same time.
Sarah Hyland caschetto lungo
Sarah Hyland also chooses a medium layered cut, the best solution for those with a round or square face. Credits ph.: Getty Images

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