Filorga's NCTF line for deep skin regeneration
Filorga's NCTF line for deep skin regeneration

Dull complexion, wrinkles and lines, dry, tired and poorly toned skin are the main enemies for the beauty of our face. On the contrary, we would all like to be smooth, soft, and bright. Making women of all ages happy has always been the mission of Dr. Tordjman, the founder of Laboratoires FILORGA who, back in 1978, created an injectable revitalizing cocktail, the NCTF®, New Cellular Treatment Factor, capable of rejuvenating the skin. acting precisely on the main aging indicators.

What is NCTF® New Cellular Treatment Factor NCTF®, which has become the DNA of FILORGA over time, is an injectable revitalization solution, which contains over 50 active ingredients including vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants. This powerful mix is ​​able to stimulate cellular activity, restoring exceptional quality to the skin. Its pluses? It enhances hydration, increases radiance, restores tone and elasticity, fills small wrinkles and relaxes the features. Bye bye fatigue!


MEDI-COSMETIQUE®: a revolution in skincare by FILORGATo counteract the signs of aging and fatigue from the face there is not only aesthetic medicine. Didier Tabary, President of the FILORGA Laboratories, is well aware of this, and in 2007 he decided to create the MEDI-COSMETIQUE® anti-aging cosmetic line. The idea was to include ingredients in the formulas until then reserved for injections in medical offices, especially the famous NCTF®, and make them better absorb into the skin by means of a delivery system patented by CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center): the chronospheres. The cosmetic revolution by FILORGA starts from this intuition and, for the first time ever, manages to integrate the equivalent of an injectable NCTF® vial into a range of anti-aging cosmetic treatments.

The NCTF® LINE is bornAfter three years of research, the NCTF® LINE was born, whose formulas contain the equivalent of a vial of NCTF®. The goal is a complete regeneration of skin quality, with visible results after only seven days. Just follow a program consisting of three phases: the lotion to prepare the skin, the serum for a booster effect and the cream or fluid depending on the type of skin. Ready to discover these new super revitalizing and regenerating products? Follow our advice, step by step.


STEP 1: NCTF - ESSENCE®: SUPREME REGENERATING LOTION C The lotion, with its fresh texture, prepares the skin for subsequent treatments. It should therefore be applied immediately after cleansing. Contains Sage extract, with moisturizing power; together with the AQUA-MX technology it retains water while an anti-pollution polysaccharide carries out a detoxifying and revitalizing action.


STEP 2: NCTF-INTENSIVE®: SUPREME REGENERATING SERUMThe serum is a must for the beauty routine. And this will amaze you with the results: it fights wrinkles thanks to the encapsulated retinol, a real collagen and elastin booster, while the stabilized vitamin C for a progressive release increases the brightness. Finally, it improves the tone with the plant DNA coming from the wheat germ.


STEP 3: NCTF-REVERSE®: SUPREME REGENERATING CREAMEnriched with Shea butter, it acts intensely on wrinkles with the help of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which favors the production of natural hyaluronic acid, while organic silicon plus alginic acid stimulate the synthesis of endogenous collagen. To increase the brightness of our face we think a mix of vitamins: A, with a renewing effect, H, restructuring and E which performs a detox action together with polyphenols.


STEP4: NCTF-REVERSE-MAT®: SUPREME REGENERATING FLUID The revitalizing beauty routine is completed by a regenerating fluid with a matte effect, ideal for normal, combination and oily skin.


What are you waiting for to try the new NCTF® line? You can find it in pharmacies, parapharmacies and Marionnaud perfumeries.

SAVE THE DATE: the April 12 at the Marionnaud perfumery in Via Buonarroti 5 in Milan, Grazia and Filorga invite you to try the NTCF line! You can book an anti-aging facial treatment by sending an email to [email protected] with an indication of your preferred time slot between 11 and 20.

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