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Sensitive skin: the best cleansing and moisturizing products
Sensitive skin: the best cleansing and moisturizing products

Sensitive skin is more fragile and more reactive to external aggressions. Here are the best cleansing and moisturizing products to try

There sensitive skin it is more fragile and predisposed to react negatively to irritating physical or chemical agents as well as to suffer more often from redness, irritation, itching and burning.

Plus, whoever has one hypersensitive skin he must also fight a battle on the front of the formation of wrinkles and blemishes that can arise more easily.

This is why we need specific products that gently cleanse and provide maximum hydration. The solution is to choose cleansers and creams rich in selected active ingredients and ingredients that can help the skin find its right balance, reinforcing the protective barrier.

We have selected for you the best cleansing and moisturizing products for sensitive skin. Browse the gallery and find the proposal that's right for you.

Sensitive skin: cleansing and moisturizing products

Becos – Defence Evolution – Acqua Micellare
Becos Micellar Water Defense & Comfort removes make-up, cleanses and tones gently without the need for rinsing. Contains the protective Leniact and a complex of glycosaminoglycans of marine origin that reduces redness.
Gel Detergente Fiori Rari PSS
Answer Perfection Face Lifting Cream by L'Erbolario has a light consistency that gives the face a pool of natural moisturizing, protective, elasticising active ingredients (organized around the polysaccharides duo of sweet Siliqua and purified fraction of Soybeans).
Bio Program Bio Anti-Age anti stress crema notte
is a hydration-generating treatment thanks to the Aquagenium ™ complex, while Vitamin PP increases skin resistance and apple seed extract stimulates the activity of aquaporins.
Hydraphase Intense Serum
Fresh and free of ethyl alcohol, it soothes, decongests and moisturizes the skin. The extra detail? It improves the appearance of large pores and can also be sprayed on the body.

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