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Cosmoprof: 15 beauty news that will leave you speechless
Cosmoprof: 15 beauty news that will leave you speechless

The most interesting beauty news of the moment launched at the Cosmoprof international beauty fair

The most interesting beauty news on the international scene all come from Cosmoprof, the beauty fair in Bologna, which in the 2017 edition celebrated its first 50 years.

On this occasion we visited each pavilion with curiosity to find the more beautiful and particular innovations, the ones we are sure will blow your mind.

Among the proposals for skin care, nail care, hair care and make-up, we notice a growing interest in the creation of lines based on natural ingredients, kind to the skin and the environment, combined with highly performing tech formulas.

Do you want to discover them? Browse the gallery with i must have of Cosmoprof 2017 with brands such as Faby, La Splah, Soha Sardinia, Foreo and Birkenstok, just to name a few.

Cosmoprof: 15 beauty news that will leave you speechless

An organic and certified green cocktail for the base coat of the Italian brand. Its purpose? That of protecting the nails, regenerating them, improving their flexibility and preserving them from breakage. Its exclusive formula includes a super concentrate of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants obtained from the active ingredients of spinach, avocado and green tea.
The American alternative brand takes a next step in the world of make-up by offering its famous eyebrow mousses in a colored version. Fuchsia, aqua green, electric blue and dark blue are just some of the waterproof colors proposed, designed for those with rainbow hair and those who love to experiment with the look. Cool!
This Korean brand offers "conceptual" fabric masks that reflect the homemade beauty rituals with slices of fruit (but also flowers!) Placed on the face. Available in many variations, they appear as light patches soaked in nutrients that take care of the skin.
The Italian brand offers a line of hair colors and treatments that are kind to the hair and the environment. This new range is in fact free of sls, sles, silicones, parabens, petrolatum, peg, formaldehyde eliminators and synthetic dyes. The packaging has also been chosen to guarantee the highest level of sustainability and reduce co2 emissions.
Natural formulations up to 99.9% for the skin care line of the Italian brand. In particular, among the active ingredients we find Cannonau grape extracts, with a concentration of anti-aging polyphenols three times higher than other grapes, a real cure-all for the skin. A precious line that will make you fall in love.
The certified German organic brand offers a surfactant-free body cleanser, an innovation in the world of beauty. The fragrance of almond blossom is delicious.
Korean skin care is among the most famous in the world. So here is an interesting proposal that focuses on Vitamin C, able to make the skin healthier, brighter and smoother, especially in the case of discoloration or severe imperfections, such as acne. The brand offers this component in a powder format - more stable than classic formulations - which can be mixed with its skincare products for a 100% personalized treatment.
is an Australian brand specialized - as its name implies - in eyebrow products. Its range is very varied, in fact it includes delineators for eyebrows, highlighters, powders and high quality waxes. The unmissable detail? The colorful packs that are reminiscent of candies and make you want to collect them all.
Cork has elasticizing properties and gives a lifting effect. For this reason, the German brand specialized in footwear launches (arriving at the end of 2017) a line of cosmetics for the face and body based on natural active ingredients, just like suberin, extracted from cork. The pack is recyclable and refillable.
An ultra modern skin cleansing system, able to cleanse and firm it effectively and visibly. The brand proposes for 2017 a new travel reference, in a reduced size and with a replaceable battery, which is positioned halfway between the classic Foreo Luna and Foreo Play, with mini and non-rechargeable dimensions, with a non-replaceable battery when it runs out. Absolutely to try.
A skincare line that carries on a precious family tradition and has also conquered Oprah Winfrey. Founded in America, but Italian at heart, this brand that produces skin care based on truffle extracts is one of the Beauy revelations of recent years. Absolutely to try.
Thin sheets of royal jelly that cleanse, purify and nourish the skin, all in extraordinary packs that recall the world of fairy tales. This must-have product is 3 in 1 is 100% natural and organic.
From Australia with style, this brand offers sensory experiences that captivate the heart and the senses. From perfumes to perfumed detergents, passing through soaps and candles, the formulations and fragrances of each line are unique. The packs are luxurious and opulent. Already available in some European stores, we can't wait for it to arrive in Italy too!
This American cosmetic house revolutionizes the concept of classic face masks by proposing combined face masks to completely treat every area of ​​the face. In particular, the mask you see in the picture - OMG! 4 in 1 zone system mask kit - includes 24k gold eye contour patches, a clay and charcoal mask for the T zone, a kaolin mask for the U zone (the outer part of the face) and a moisturizing cream for complete the ritual. Wow!
The famous 100% Certified Natural Care brand offers a series of colored lip balms able to take care of the lips and at the same time color them. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, they are offered in Nude, Rose and Berry red variants.

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