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Face serum: the newest and most effective to try now
Face serum: the newest and most effective to try now

Rich in super concentrated ingredients, they enhance the action of the creams and treatments of the beauty routine. Discover the new serums of the moment

A real beauty accelerator, the face serum it is a must have that is applied before the moisturizer.

Compared to creams, it has a lighter formulation but, at the same time, more concentrated with ingredients and active ingredients that penetrate faster into the skin and deeper than a cream or a classic soin.

The face serums also meet specific needs ranging from greater skin hydration to an anti-wrinkle or anti-blemish effect. In addition, thanks to their characteristics they give visible results in a short time.

Finally, the serum is a product that gives one pleasant sensory experience thanks to textures and application gestures.

To enhance your beauty routine, choose the newest and most effective face serum proposals to try now.

Browse the gallery and find the right product for your needs.

Serums: all the news of the Spring

creates a mini-atmosphere of continuous hydration that emphasizes the natural recovery and revitalization process of the skin. At the heart of the formula is Miracle Broth ™, a unique cell regenerator that provides constant nourishment.
it has a formula with highly concentrated active ingredients, such as vitamin C, which enhances the luminosity effect. The texture is light, like an oil that makes the application in drops pleasant and effective.
contains Chlorella algae. Harvested in the eco-sustainable crops of the Breton coasts and biologically purified, it has a strong draining action, helping to reduce bags and dark circles.
is the ideal serum to defend the skin against excess stress and dryness. Contains four active ingredients, including Coenzyme 10, to counteract skin aging, Panthenol, to rebalance and Aloe Vera, moisturizing and soothing.
it is for the most fragile and delicate areas (around the eyes, lips and neck). Take advantage of the maximum concentration of plant stem cells from Apple (Uttwiler Spättlauber) Caviar and Retinol.
is an intensive treatment that immediately gives a feeling of extreme smoothness and tone thanks to the second skin Jojoba and hyaluronic acid that create a flexible film with a tightening effect on the face.
it is enriched with Uriage Thermal Water to rebuild the skin barrier. Optimizes hydration by allowing the hydrolipidic film to be reformed on the surface and gradually releasing the moisturizing agents.
Eisenberg_Serum Hydratant Fondamental
is a liquid serum-gel with a high concentration of Bellis Perennis floral extract and Vitamin C that improve the radiance of the complexion.
FillerSuprema_Fluido_Lifting illuminante
contains hyaluronic acid with double molecular weight with a smoothing action. Vegetable phytosterols and Panthenol perform a soothing action and mineral powders give a uniform appearance.
HR – Prodigy Reversis Flacon Yeux (DBD)
smoothes and brightens the eye contour. At the heart of the formula is Edelweiss Extract and Edelweiss mother cells associated with De-aging moleculeTM to accelerate cell renewal.
Hylamide-SensitiveFix-Bottle-Photo-v2 -l
is a serum targeted to counteract the signs of skin sensitization, including irritation and redness. Contains patented extract of Bella di notte and a complex of Curculigo orchioides for the maintenance of the skin's pH.
is a real beauty serum for the hair, enriched with Argan Oil and Amino Bond Complex, which gives an immediate shine and enhances the smoothness, as well as nourishing the ends in depth.
StriVectin – Active Infusion Youth Serum
contains Pure NIA Spheres ™ - Patented NIA-114 ™ technology that reinforces skin hydration. With each dispense, the spheres release a cocktail of ingredients including collagen, peptides, algae, lipids and antioxidants.
ZO SKIN HEALTH – Ossential C-Bright Serum HD
provides a stabilized dose of vitamin C to brighten the skin. It removes machinery and defends the skin against environmental aggressions that cause pigmentation.
fights urban stress and dullness in the city. It is a 30-day shock treatment that includes the use of five pure spun collagen pearls and a vitality-boosting serum based on Astaxanthin and Retinol.
Cure Intégrale Intense anti-aging visage by Méthode Jeanne Piaubert contains the active SWT-7 ™ which stimulates the adipose tissues of stem cells, increasing the regeneration of the epidermis.
is a concentrated liposomal serum for the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging face. Contains Ascorbic Acid in the optimal concentration of 10%.
it is enriched in citrus flavonoids, energizing Adenosine and an illuminating Licorice root extract that moisturize and give brightness.

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