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Floral nail art for Spring: the most glamorous proposals
Floral nail art for Spring: the most glamorous proposals

In Spring, the most beautiful manicure is the floral one. We have selected for you the most glamorous proposals to replicate now

Do you want a playful and colorful manicure? There floral nail art it is certainly the most glamorous solution of the moment, the most beautiful way to bring the charm of Spring to life on your nails.

From oriental-inspired manicures to colored ones that transform nails into small works of art to the most discreet nail art in pastel shades, we have selected for you the coolest proposals to replicate.

Browse the gallery and get inspired for your nail art with flowers.

Floral nail art for Spring: the proposals selected by

A manicure with bold colors and a playful mood. For the decorations you can help yourself with stickers. Credits ph.: Instagram @corsica_m
Very delicate this nail art that alternates single-colored nails with floral patterned nails with a white base. Choose it, if you prefer an oriental mood. Credits ph.:
One more two-tone manicure. On the white base a small floral composition is drawn with great attention to detail thanks to a very thin brush. For the more experienced. Credits ph.: Instagram @bettermailday
la_paillette_frondeuse instagram
Do you love pastel shades? Choose this manicure with an artistic composition that covers the entire nail of the ring finger and little finger. Credits ph.: Instagram @la_paillette_frondeuse
Pink and blue for this proposal designed for the most experienced. Credits ph.: Pinterest @ LuLu's
Privato: pinterest (2)
Hearts or poppies? The idea of ​​this manicure with a white base is very original. Credits ph.:
Privato: pinterest (3)
A proposal dedicated to those who love glitter. Roses are drawn on a polka dots manicure. Credits ph.: Istagram @jesuisvernie
Privato: pinterest (4)
Electric blue is among the main nuances of 2017. Here's how to use it for a floral nail art. Credits ph.: Pinterest @Veronika Tarnòcal
Privato: pinterest
If you want a more "gothic" finish, here is a black and white floral nail art. Credits ph.: Pinterest @
Privato: pinterest2
Milky pink, the coolest nail polish for this spring, is perfect for those who want an essential result. Attention: the shower heads are designed with great precision in the details. Credits ph.: Pinterest @ gentle-nails
pshiiit_polish instagram
Here, however, is a proposal that does not go unnoticed. The color is bolder - an elegant teal - while individual flowers pop out on the sides of the nails for a high-precision design. Credits ph.: Instagram @pshiiit_polish
Sand effect for this gray and rose gold manicure. The drawing is made with a black nail polish and a thin nib. Credits ph.: Instagram @corsica_m
Mint and yellow for this very spring nail art. To replicate it, apply a decal to the nail. Credits ph.: Instagram @corsica_m

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