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Ines de la Fressange: Let's dress without fear
Ines de la Fressange: Let's dress without fear

Model and Roger Vivier ambassador Ines de la Fressange has written a book to reveal the secrets of her chic Parisian looks. And why, he tells Grazia: "what we wear speaks of our confidence in ourselves"

He calls me on my cell phone at 9 in the morning. «Good morning, they are Ines de la Fressange", She announces herself with the chanting intonation that is her own and that betrays her aristocratic origins (her father is the Marquis André Seignard de la Fressange). The coffee I am drinking is almost askew for me in surprise, I did not expect it to be so early in the morning. I had tried to contact her the day before to talk to her about her new book, How do I dress today? Subtitle: The Parisian look book, written with the journalist Sophie Gachet, which will be released in Italy on March 20 by L’Ippocampo editions. It is a sort of practical guide in which the most chic of Parisian women, aged 59 with intelligence and joy, suggests 50 looks to be adopted on as many occasions in everyday life, from a job interview to dinner with the ex. But with Ines de la Fressange we start talking about fashion and style, fields in which she is an undisputed authority, and we end up discussing freedom and feminism. "Choosing a dress can turn into a militant act," she assures me before inviting me to visit her at the Ritz, the grand hotel overlooking Place Vendôme. "It's a bit like my second home," explains the model, now ambassador of the accessories brand Roger Vivier and face of L’Oréal. "When I worked for Chanel, I left my car keys with the doorman to run across the square to rue Cambon (where the boutique is, ed)." At the Ritz I meet Ines de la Fressange in a lounge overlooking the garden; is presenting the autumn-winter collection of the brand that bears his name and with which he signs the capsules for the Japanese chain Uniqlo.

Roger Vivier's cocktail for the launch of Ines de la Fressange's “How I dress today”


A mistake not to be made at all?«To overload a look. My slogan could be: better to delete than to add. Sobriety is always a solution. This also applies to jewels: it is useless to cover oneself with rings, necklaces, bracelets. You have to know how to choose ».She is the icon of the Parisian style. How would you define it?"Smart. The Parisian is an ace in knowing how to mix the garment bought in a department store with that of the brand. She doesn't like total looks, she likes elegance without ostentation. A simple blue V-neck sweater enhances it and makes it beautiful ».Is it true that the clothes photographed in the book all come from your wardrobe?“Yes, apart from a sequin jacket and a neon pink sweater. I am lazy, and instead of phoning left and right to have the clothes sent to me, I preferred to open my closets. And then I wanted to be sincere and honest: what I show is really my daily style. Accessories make it chic, in particular Roger Vivier shoes and bags ».

Which not everyone can afford.«I realize this, but this is also an important piece of advice: instead of buying ten pairs of poor quality shoes, it is wiser to invest in a single quality accessory, which immediately transforms the look. There is always an opportunity, from birthday to Mother's Day, to have it as a gift ".Has it ever happened to you that you don't know what to wear?“More often than you think. I have very few evening dresses, when I go to China for the inauguration of a Roger Vivier boutique I see Asian women arriving in gorgeous dresses. In front of my tuxedo jacket, their eyes widen: is this the Parisian style? I feel a certain disappointment, but I cannot transform myself into something that I am not ».She has two daughters, Nine, 23, and Violette, 17 (from her husband, the entrepreneur Luigi D’Urso, who passed away in 2006, ed). Do they listen to his advice? “Of course not. They do everything their own way. I admire their taste, the way they mix clothes, preferably vintage or bought in department stores. And then they take a lot of things out of my closet, which makes me happy ».What does the way we dress reveal about us women? “It speaks of our freedoms, of our rights, often won at the cost of long struggles. How to consider it a simple frivolity when, even in France, there are neighborhoods where a woman cannot walk around in a skirt? I lived through the 70s, the battles of the feminist movement and I am disconcerted by the return of a certain moralism. Maybe it's time to go back to burning the bra in the square ».

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