Aimée Song: all the tricks of an influencer
Aimée Song: all the tricks of an influencer

It has millions of followers and has become a style icon. But she is also a designer and an entrepreneur. Grazia met Aimée Song in the most cult hotel in Los Angeles to discover her beauty secrets.

More than four million followers on Instagram, a blog, a book and collaborations with major fashion houses: Aimée (pronunciation: Ami) Song, A 29-year-old from Los Angeles of Korean origin, has transformed her passion for selfies, herself and fashion into an international business within a few years.

Luminous doll skin and a business woman's attitude, Aimée, when I meet her, has just finished posing for our photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont, the Hollywood VIP hotel, wearing clothes from the spring-summer collection of Dior. (DISCOVER THE SHOOTING BACKSTAGE)

Walking back after @chanelofficial

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What do you say about this collection?"It represents the evolution of the new creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri from the Valentino style, where she worked until last year, in the spirit of Dior. I found it exceptional, very strong. There are dresses full of embroidery and then there are pieces that celebrate female power, like the T-shirt with the symbolic phrase of the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “We should all be feminists” (“We should all be feminists”, ed).

I particularly like the opening look of the show, feminist, tough, with the model with very short hair. Then there is the new writing "J'adior" (mix between the "Dior" brand and the expression "J'adore", "I adore" in French), and earrings, rings, all with the logo. It is an eclectic collection, designed for all types of women ».


Speaking of brands, tell me about yours.«My brand is me. The construction of the Aimée brand is entirely based on things I like: fashion, architecture ".

She has millions of followers on the web. Do you have any idea who they are? “I have a global audience. They are not just women, on the contrary, and the age ranges from 18 to 35 years. I like to share the little moments of my life with them: on Instagram I talk about travel, about my work as an interior architect, about the clothes I wear. I also do some videos on YouTube. I haven't been as assiduous in this sector as I should have, but now I'm intensifying my production ».

Since her brand is her, and she shares aspects of her daily life with followers, how does she distinguish private from public life?“The great thing is that I'm my own boss. So I only share what I want to let you know. It is not difficult. The only thing that creates problems for me is time management: since I decide everything, it often ends up that I stay up until 4-5 in the morning, and then at 7 I have to wake up to go to work, my other job, that of architect. I am also setting up a business there, with a few selected clients and special projects. Now I bought a house here in Los Angeles and am renovating it. It is very exciting ».Seven years ago, she was one of the first to understand the potential of blogging and Instagram on the career front. In your opinion, in which direction are we going?«Everyone is becoming more and more mobile, everyone is constantly moving. The “live”, the transmission of live video, is becoming more and more popular. When I make a video on Facebook, for example, thousands of people watch me simultaneously from all over the world, and interact with me. I find myself chatting with a follower in Japan and soon after with one in South Africa. It is shocking ».

Hair and makeup for the @dolcegabbana show! Still doesn't feel real that I'm walking today! #DGRinascimento #DGFamily #DGmillennials # DGFW18

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How important is it for an influencer like you to interact with fans?“It's essential, and besides, it amuses me. I have a younger sister and we have always talked a lot. Before the days of Instagram, a classic among us was the conversation: “How does this dress fit me? And this?". What I do now with my followers when I go live is a large-scale version of those interactions at home with my sister. '

But the traffic must be huge. How do you keep it at bay?«We need to stay focused, aim for the growth of the brand and the message. And always remember that when we are hidden behind a screen, we all become more honest. There is no shortage of criticisms, and you have to know how to manage them ».Are you also targeted by web haters?“I must admit that normally the criticisms I receive are not bad, but constructive. So I don't mind, because they help me ».After the bestseller Capture Your Style, in which he explains to aspiring bloggers how to create a successful platform, what projects do you have?«The future for me is collaborations with fashion houses. They allow me to select specific customer groups, and to address them directly with a targeted voice, to which I know they will react positively. For example, I recently worked with a South Korean sunglass brand, Gentle Monster, and designed four models for them. From a fan of the brand, I became a stylist. That is the direction in which I want to move now ». And do you have time to talk to your sister again?«Of course, together we created the Two Songs brand and we sell T-shirts. It is very small and develops slowly because we do everything ourselves, we have no financiers or partners. As soon as we produce a line, it immediately goes out of stock. I hope that we will continue to grow ».


How do all these ideas come to you?"From travels. I have always traveled a lot, since I was a child, when we used to commute between Los Angeles and Korea. And even now I'm always around, I see so many things and this always gives me new inspirations ».Speaking of Korea, how important are its origins in your inspiration, in the aesthetic approach?«A lot, I would say. Koreans are very focused on skin care. For them, having it beautiful and bright is everything: it is much more important than makeup. I am very attentive to the beauty routine and I am interested in beauty products. My grandmother is 80 years old and has a fabulous face: she looks 20 younger. I would like to grow old like her ».In the meantime, give us a preview of the beauty and fashion trends according to Aimée.«Regarding makeup, I would say that on social media nothing works like enhancing one's natural beauty. The idea is that defects should not be hidden, but exalted. So: fewer eye caps and more illuminating, which highlight the unique features of each face. Another trend is the use of natural products. But we must also be daring. If you watch a video in which the model puts on a blue lipstick, maybe you go and buy it and you wear it too, without worrying about how “strange” others may consider you ». And speaking of fashion?«Jeans: I love the loose and comfortable ones. We are moving towards greater simplicity, a return to basic garments. What was once everyday is becoming cool again ».

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