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Side row: how to wear for Spring 2017
Side row: how to wear for Spring 2017

We have chosen for you the most beautiful and trendy versions of hair with side parting: find out now which ones!

There side line, composed and elegant, it is the perfect hairstyle for a tidy look that enhances the contours of the face and features.

Among the hair proposals for the Spring 2017, stylists and hair stylists offer us a variety of alternatives to interpret the side parting. Protagonist of backstage and catwalks, it defines the style of sophisticated or natural beauty looks, but always very current, in the name of extreme stylistic cleanliness.

Very popular are the versions that leave the face free from hair, with sleek and non-sleek roots, characterized by shortened lengths behind the ears.

Let yourself be inspired by our up-to-date selection by browsing our gallery right away.

Side parted hair: ideas for Spring 2017

Perfect parting and soft roots for this loose hairstyle that enhances the oval of the face and cheekbones.
This neat look gives way to spontaneity thanks to the tuft of baby hair that is left on the forehead, with the same direction of the line.
A strong and decisive beauty look, underlined by the hair with flat roots and lengths perfectly arranged behind the ears.
The austere crop, with side parting and roots fixed with the gel, marks the Eighties inspiration of make-up.
Natural volumes on the roots and on the smooth lengths for this version of the side line that affects a very wide band of the hair, creating almost two sections of hair.
This long, smooth and loose hairstyle is reminiscent of an iconic 90s beauty look. The row is made on the far side of the head.
A hair look that speaks of summer and holidays: the wet-effect roots are divided by the side line and worked with a wide-toothed comb.
An up-to-date version of wet-effect hair, created by creating a side line, working the tuft and baby hair with the hands as if to create a decoration on the forehead.
Perfect side parting and styling for this version worked with a brush and hairdryer that creates definition and a slight volume on the roots.
Another variant on the theme of the side line carefully styled with a brush and hairdryer: this time the lengths are wavy and volumized.
Side parting and lengths in motion for this composed hair look but with a super spontaneous effect.
The wavy, lively and voluminous lengths are governed by the almost extreme side line, stopped by a fixing product.
We like this layered bob with a wisp that gets sophisticated with the side parting and mid lengths.
The short bob changes its look with a few gestures. Just work the roots with a light foam or styler, parting the roots laterally and bringing the lengths behind the ears.
A sleek version of the short and even bob is this wet effect hairstyle with roots well divided into two sections.
Hyper-shiny hair and adherent to the head, worked with an extra strong, fixing and wet effect gel. The side parting divides the bonnet effect hair from the worked lengths in a soft and sinuous wave on the forehead.
Romantic pony tail in this version with a side line with slightly swollen roots and a slightly wavy trend.
School girl style for the low ponytail with side line enlivened by small rebellious locks. The tuft is fixed with a bobby pin.
Roots crushed and separated by the side line contrasting with the raised tips. The parting is kept in order by a clip.
A solution inspired by boxer braids but made very romantic by the side parting, neat and perfectly adherent to the garment.

We really like the versions on medium cuts, in which the side line is used to make the tuft or long bangs composed and elegant.

Among the most effortless proposals, those that do not flatten the volumes of the roots, referring to the style of the 80s styling or simply letting the hair fall naturally on the side of their natural parting, adding body to wavy or wavy lengths.

Finally, the variant on collected hair, in particular combined with the ponytail, which gives a fresh and polished look, with a vaguely "school girl" style.

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