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Emily Ratajkowski: Copy blue makeup for brown eyes
Emily Ratajkowski: Copy blue makeup for brown eyes

Her beauty looks on the red carpet never go unnoticed. Find out how to replicate this make-up in shades of blue

Emily Ratajkowski, aka EmRata, has been a model since the age of fourteen and has kicked off her acting career for a few years.

She became famous to the general public for her naked appearance in Robin Thicke's music video Blurred Lines, she starred on the big screen alongside Ben Affleck in Liar Love - Gone girl and with Zac Efron in We are your friends.

Charm & make up

Symbol of a sensual beauty that knows no taboos, EmRata is beloved and very popular on the web.

Impossible not to be charmed by her charm, Emily for beauty addicts is also a real red carpet revelation: there is no event that does not put her in the spotlight for her beautiful make up look.

Hung Vanngo is her trusted make-up artist and the creator of her most famous looks.

Among these the intense and defined eye make-up in shades of blue - perfect for her brown eyes - that Emily wore to the 2016 Emmy Awards.

Not just smokey eyes

This much-talked-about makeup brings to the red carpet an application method that doesn't focus on shades, but on clean-edged make-up, for a bolder look.

A proposal to be replicated, following the suggestions in the gallery.

Emily Ratajkowski make up: copy the beauty look

The gaze is the great protagonist of EmRata's beauty look that enhances her brown eyes with the nuance of blue, playing with her shades from navy blue to blue teal.
it is an ode to the shade of blue that can vary in intensity and reflections combined with a darker shade and a white one.
is the blue-blue pencil with a metallic finish used by the make-up artist of EmRata to emphasize the inner corner of the eye.
defines the look with a dark blue nuance applied to the inner rim of the eye.
emily-ratajkowski-copia-il-make-up-physicians-formula-mascara-Eye Booster Extension
is a duo composed of extensions to be deposited on the lashes and to be fixed with mascara to obtain long and thick lashes with a hold up to 24 hours.
The complexion in this beauty look is perfected by a homogeneous and luminous base and plays in a balanced way between the shadow and light areas.
is the make-up base made unique by the presence of pure 24 carat gold leaves suspended in a moisturizing and smoothing gel for a radiant effect.
it has a cream texture to easily blend the contouring and highlighting nuances.
To balance her intense and defined eye makeup, Emily wears a matte nude lipstick.
dresses the lips with a highly pigmented and ultra comfortable nude shade.

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