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Those who swear are smarter
Those who swear are smarter

From nail biting to swearing: here are eight bad habits that are typical of the smartest people

Before worrying about your bad habits, ask yourself if they are not symptom of intelligence, because more and more researches show that the brightest people are also those who put into practice attitudes deemed unbecoming.

On the other hand, the smarter people they are also those that stand out, that break the mold and are able to create far from the monotony and the rules imposed by society.

Perfection, in short, is not synonymous with intellect or cunning. And many bad habits, such as nail biting or being messy, become a symptom of cunning and wit, if not geniality.

Browse the gallery to find out what are the most common behaviors that researchers believe are typical of brilliant people.

Seven bad habits of smart people

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A study by researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University argues that the smartest people are the laziest and most sedentary. The results showed, in fact, that the most physically active people are those who get bored more easily and who therefore always need things to do and new stimuli, as opposed to the laziest ones who manage to stay more focused.
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Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota argues that being in a cluttered environment stimulates creativity. In her study, the researcher showed that people who found themselves in a cluttered room were those who were most interested in novelty and felt free to break the mold and be less conventional.

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