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Obligation of chains for Spring-Summer 2017
Obligation of chains for Spring-Summer 2017

The side chain is this season's trendy accessory: here's where it comes from and how to wear it

Remember when, a few years ago, you hooked up chains And chains to the side loops of the trousers (jeans i n primis), animated by a certain spirit of rebellion?

For this season luxury brands, fashion insiders and large low cost groups have joined forces and convinced us to "dust them off" and wear them again. Not necessarily with the same "punk" and nonconformist style of the past.

The origins


The side chain is experiencing a new phase of its existence. If in the seventies he expressed the anarchist and rebellious spirit of the movement punk, since the Eighties it has instead been strongly linked to musical culture, becoming a trousseau of band hardcore and new punk from the nineties. Therefore, from a wallet chain, conceived as a deterrent to theft and muggings, the side chain has then turned into a status symbol for one and more generations.

Streetstyle in chains


The stylistic gamble of Vetements it probably played a decisive role in the return of the side chain. From then on, style icons and fashion insiders made the trend their own, transporting it from the catwalk to the street and enhancing its success.


Chains on board (from your wardrobe)

"Obligation of chains" to get on board the spring trends, we said. The side chain is, in fact, the green light that solves your more casual looks. Pair it with boyfriend jeans, pinstripe trousers or midi skirts and the road will be all downhill!

Must-have chains

Pantaloni HIGH
Navy blue jersey culottes
The gold chain combines with the light blue fur.
Beige asymmetrical skirt with large mesh chain.
Faded gray jeans with chain detail on the side.
Black bermuda shorts in wool blend with front chain detail.
Jeans ASOS
Tobacco-colored ankle jeans with side chain.

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