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How to put on good makeup: 10 tips that will change your life
How to put on good makeup: 10 tips that will change your life

How to avoid having lipstick on your teeth, how to make makeup last all day and where to apply the blush: discover the 10 tips that will change your life

The most important question after "who are we?" and "why are we here?" it's surely "how to wear good makeup?"Here are 10 beauty tips - real tricks stolen from backstage - useful for putting on your best make-up without wasting time.

1. A single concealer is not enough to cover dark circles

Choose an orange concealer and dab it only in the darkest and hollow area of ​​the area. Use another one of your skin color for the rest of the area. For a brighter and more awake effect, apply an illuminating concealer with a yellow undertone creating "triangles" under the eyes. Remember to blend well!


2. Apply the powder only where it is needed

If you have dry, normal or combination skin, it is not necessary to apply the powder all over your face. In fact, this product tends to dry the skin, risking creating a chalky effect. So if your skin is not particularly oily, concentrate only on the zone T (which includes chin, nose and forehead) to keep clarity at bay. On the rest of the face, only the foundation will suffice.


3. There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to eyebrows

Someone said "your brows are sisters, not twins" and they were absolutely right. Do not insist on creating perfectly symmetrical arches: the effect will be unnatural and not very harmonious. Instead, prefer a soft look, both in terms of "styling" and eyebrow styling and your gaze will be in the foreground.


4. Always apply primer for perfect eye makeup

Eyeshadow always creeps into the eyelid folds, even if yours are not very pronounced? It happens when you don't apply the primer. Choose it in your skin color if you prefer a natural effect, or opt for the pearly proposals if you like bright or colored tricks for smokey. Spread a small amount with your fingertips and "pull" the product well to have a perfect eye make-up all day long.


5. To avoid getting dirty with mascara, look below

Do you always get your eyelids dirty when you apply mascara? Try to look down! Prefer a tilting mirror and place it inclined under you "forcing" yourself to look down, then proceed with the application (slow, otherwise it will be useless!) For a flawless and clean effect. Seeing is believing!


6. To apply the blush in the right place just smile

Each face shape should be made up in a "custom" way. A surefire way to apply blush correctly is to smile while looking straight ahead at the mirror. The small swellings that will be created on your face (what Americans call "the apples of the cheeks") are the perfect and exact point for you, the one where you can lightly blend the blush to give you a healthy and radiant effect.


7. A finger is enough to prevent the lipstick from getting on the teeth

Do you like the creamy and bright lipsticks but are you constantly afraid that they will end up on your teeth? First of all, don't overdo it - a thin layer will do just fine. Secondly, insert the index finger in the mouth and remove it, letting it adhere to the internal labial mucosa: the finger will drag away the excess lipstick. Yes, just what was about to land on your teeth.


8. For a lifting effect on the eyes, try a light pencil

To create a eyebrow lift optical effect and consequently to make the look fresher and younger try to blend a light pencil under the eyebrow arch. Blend the creamy flesh-colored texture well with your eyeshadow to create a pleasing shade. You won't believe your eyes!


9. Make your lips voluminous with a pearly eyeshadow

To make the plumpy lips apply your usual lipstick, preferably opaque and satin in this case, and then lightly dab a pearly eye shadow in tone or, even better, white or gold in the center of the lips. A little touch is enough to create a 3D effect that makes the difference.


10. Fix your makeup with cold water

To make your make-up last all day before leaving the house, don't forget to fix it. To do this you can choose specific products or plain water, preferably cold. Spray it on your face to ensure a make-up optimal duration all day.

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