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Ten hidden (and beautiful) places to discover in Milan
Ten hidden (and beautiful) places to discover in Milan

From Leonardo's vineyard to the Roman Forum: ten places (which few people know) to see in Milan

Milan is a city of hidden beauty, but to those who want to discover it, it gives corners of pure wonder.

To really get to know and appreciate it, you have to get lost in its less busy streets, peek into the courtyards, look out over the buildings with a double life and dual personality - serious on the outside, incredibly lively and surprising on the inside.

Whether you are an authentic Milanese, by adoption or just visiting, we take you to discover ten places that very few people know, but which are worth seeing at least once - and which will remain in your heart.

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Ten little known places to see in Milan

chiesa san bernardino ossa
In the heart of Milan, between corso Venezia and via Palestro, inside the quadrilateral of silence, there is this building in typical liberty style which inside preserves one of the most loved views by the Milanese, but also one of the least known. The house cannot be visited, but if you try to peek from the railings at number 3 in via dei Cappuccini, you can admire the pink flamingos relaxing in their garden in the most complete and evocative silence.

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