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Spring backpacks
Spring backpacks

They are worn on the shoulder and are the cool detail that defines the style. Here is the selection for the summer

For those looking for an accessory with a sportier appeal, for those who want to make even the cool and original office look or for those who simply want to change, gbackpacks are the right solution.

Get the bulky student models out of your head, here we talk about some of the highlights presented on the catwalk by the various designers. From the catchy versions, colorful and ironic to those monochrome, without forgetting the 90s revival.

The choice is yours among the top models of the spring 2017.

Backpacks for spring

A 90s cult that returns as a catchphrase. The brand's backpack is truly an evergreen.
Ultra light, designed for sport, in the feminine shades of pink, it also adapts perfectly to the city.
Sophisticated version of the backpack, also perfect for the evening.
The classic backpack taken up and "reworked" by the brand, it is mainly the proportions that change.
Decorated with floral illustrations, small and capacious, it is a must for spring.
Spring flowers on black fabric, the details are in soft leather.
Bag model, very wide, takes up the classic pleated motif of the brand in the Klein blue shade.
In purple suede, with colorful and pop napping and patchwork.
Particularly large, it incorporates the minimal silhouette of the bag and is in tricolor leather.
It takes the shape of a college bomber but is a backpack to be used 24 hours a day.
In orange leather, rounded shape and thin straps. The logo is college style.
The highlight of the moment, in nylon, with an ironic and colorful print.
Shocking pink, one-color, to combine with a basic look.
In black leather, with golden medusa logo.
Slogan written white on black. Clearer than that!

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