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IKEA tables: the most beautiful models for living and kitchen
IKEA tables: the most beautiful models for living and kitchen

Rectangular, round, extendable, also suitable for small homes: choose with us the IKEA tables that best suit your taste and your dining area

The table is the key furniture of the dining area. Reliability, solidity, transformability are some of the characteristics to be satisfied at the time of purchase, in addition to the choice of matching the prevailing style in domestic interior design.

The alternatives proposed by the Swedish giant IKEA they prove to be able to put needs and budgets in agreement, without sacrificing design.

IKEA tables: the most beautiful models for living and kitchen

Made of birch, with a 125 cm top, it is a resistant solution for informal interiors. There are two peculiarities: the rounded corners, which reduce the risks for younger guests; and the uniqueness of each piece, thanks to the natural variation of the grain and shades of the wood.
With a solid beech base, this dark brown table is made contemporary by the curvature of the vertical supports.
Ideal for four people, it is equipped with a steel base and a top with a highly polished finish. A quality that allows it to reflect the surrounding light and makes it suitable even for dim interiors.
Round and extendable, it can be extended to accommodate 4-6 people with the help of the supplied extension, located under the top. Painted with black acrylic paint, “it has the same timeless style and attention to detail as the other tables in this series, but a more distinctive design. When I designed this table, I wanted to combine traditional details, such as curved legs, and intelligent functions, to create a solution suitable for every situation, from everyday dinners to special occasions,”explained the designer.
Embellished with slender turned legs, this extendable wooden table is a versatile solution, suitable for various interiors. It can go from 155 cm to 215 cm - maximum length - and is also available dark.
Voted for conviviality, thanks to the enveloping circular top, it has a diameter of 105 cm. It is made of lacquered wood fiber.
Also suitable for an interior without formalities, this rectangular table is characterized by the solid pine structure with a “lively and natural look” finish. With a limited width - 78 cm - it also meets the needs of a small house.
Extendable, it can go from a minimum length of 175 cm to a maximum of 260 cm, through the 2 extension boards placed under the top. Features a solid pine base.
Easy to assemble - the legs have only one screw - this sturdy table is made of wood. “To preserve the natural look of the wood - the designers explained - we applied a matte varnish on the ash veneer. A special technique has allowed us to produce tables without support beams and with sloping edges in an artisanal style. "
In line with a rustic-chic context, this massive rectangular oak table meets the needs of even large families. 235 cm long, it is equipped with a worktop treated with hard wax oil and has been designed so that it “retains its beauty over time, where marks, scratches and stains become memories of the good times spent together. It's the place where the family comes together,”says designer Marcus Arvonen.
With a steel base and coated chipboard worktop, with a slim design, it can comfortably accommodate up to four people.
With an oval countertop, it is made of solid birch.
Tested for intensive use, this rectangular model is guaranteed for 10 years. To distinguish it, a durable and stain-resistant melamine surface.

Some of their peculiarities, such as the ability to extend the minimum length with small gestures or the presence of additional support surfaces, in specific interiors can translate into authentic added values.

Versatility, ease of cleaning and some precautions developed, for example, to ensure the safety of the little ones, also make IKEA tables a competitive solution even in shared homes or for young families with children.

There is no shortage of models with tempered glass tops and “forays” in the rustic-chic style. In fact, in the catalog, in addition to the specimens capable of adapting to informal, dynamic interiors inspired by Nordic design, there are also IKEA tables that are similar to the traditions of the Mediterranean area.

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