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This is why if you are beautiful you may be unlucky in love
This is why if you are beautiful you may be unlucky in love

The most attractive people (often) are those with the least lasting relationships: a study explains why

Beauty is not always synonymous with happiness. It is often believed that looking attractive opens doors, in love life and even in the professional life - and in fact this is partly the case: being beautiful in many situations helps. But not in all.

According to a study coordinated by Dr. Christine Ma-Kellams, more beautiful people are less likely to have a fulfilling love life than less attractive ones.

Not because it is more difficult for them to find a partner, but because, on the contrary, precisely because of their physical appearance they are unable to maintain a relationship, having more chances of finding other contenders easily.

In the gallery we explain better what the results of the study were.

Because being beautiful can create problems in love

  • The beauty that pays off For a long time various studies have shown how beauty can affect people's lives, facilitating their careers, studies and relationships. Scientists call this 'beauty premium': the most attractive people get more attention at school and at work and earn more. But now new research shows that to have all this there is a price to pay.

  • The starting point A team of researchers coordinated by Christine Ma-Kellams, a social psychologist linked to Harvard University and La Verne University in California, wanted to analyze the impact of physical appearance on the success or failure of relationships with the study entitled: "I beautiful are those who divorce the most and have shorter relationships? ». To find out, they conducted four different studies to understand if there was actually a connection between the two and, if so, what the determining factors were.

  • The method In the first two studies, the researchers actually showed that there is a link between beauty and breakups. In the third experiment it was proved that, even if busy, the participants were sensitive to the charms of other people. Finally, in the fourth, the focus was on how satisfying the relationships of the participants and their interest in other people were.

  • The result The study shows that the most attractive people are prone to more breakups because they are the ones who try less to save the relationship. “I believe that beauty gives you more choice, which therefore makes it difficult to protect a story from outside interference. Having lots of options isn't good for the longevity of a relationship,”says Ma-Kellams.

  • The meaning What the psychologist claims is that, being beautiful, these people do not struggle to find a partner, but for the same reason they struggle to keep it, because they are able to conquer others without any effort. As a result, attractive people will also be the ones who make the least effort to salvage the ongoing relationship, because they are less afraid of being alone.

  • Small consolation This partly explains why the love life of Hollywood stars is so daring. It's hard to find a star who stays single for a long time. Those rare times that happens are taken as a symbol of strength, just like those few celeb couples who survive.

  • The solution This doesn't mean, however, that all attractive people are bound to see their stories shatter. For many who give in, there are others who could also be successful in private life. Like? «It would be enough to be aware of one's own abilities and tendencies and to know how to control them. Ending a relationship is not always bad, but if the goal is to have a lasting one, then attractive people should be aware of their limitations and not rely too much on their appearance,”concludes Christine Ma-Kellams.

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