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Contouring: how to do it, the products to try and the video tutorial
Contouring: how to do it, the products to try and the video tutorial

Contouring will have no more secrets with our tips and the right products

The contouring is one of the most loved make-up techniques by stars on the red carpets. One above all? Kim Kardashian, which has transformed it into a distinctive feature of her beauty looks.

Thanks to its extraordinary results, the sculpting he managed to be appreciated also in the daily make-up of all women for his ability to emphasize facial features with a few gestures.

Making a perfect contouring will be even easier, knowing best how to create it according to your physiognomy, discovering the best ones products to try and following the video tutorial.

What's this

Contouring is the art of sculpt your face, playing with the chiaroscuro, to highlight the volumes, emphasizing the areas that you want to make more prominent, or to minimize the appearance of some features of the face.

It is an ideal technique to restore the harmonies of the face, using light colors to make some areas optically more evident, such as the cheekbones, and dark shades to make others more minute, as in the case of an important nose or forehead. wide.


How you do it

The starting point for creating a perfect contouring is the study of one's face, identifying its shape and the areas where it will be preferable to apply the dark shade to have more definition or optically reduce them or those where you can apply the light shade to highlight them.

In fact, according to the shape of the face, the contouring will be performed in a different way.

A round face it may appear more oval by applying the sculpting nuance along the sides of the face and below the cheekbone, bringing the line from the center of the ear to the outer corner of the mouth.

On the contrary a long face it will appear more harmonious with the horizontal application of the dark shade in the upper part of the forehead and on the chin. The dark powder will then be spread under the cheekbone always maintaining a horizontal movement that will lift the cheeks and make the face more rounded.

If you have a prominent chin or a protruding forehead, those are the ideal places to apply dark shades.

If, on the other hand, your chin or forehead is narrow, you can make them optically wider by applying the highlighter.

The contouring for the nose it is also a beloved technique to make it immediately appear narrower and shorter: just apply the dark powder along the sides and underneath the center of the nostrils, to optically hide those areas, and the highlighter in the center.



THE contouring products they are divided between sculpting and highlighting shades. The former sculpt the face and the latter illuminate it.

For best results, select contouring products that have a matte finish. In fact, opaque products are perfect for obtaining a natural result.

You can then choose cream or powder contouring products, depending on your tastes or use both, applying first the cream textures and then above the powder ones.

Browse the gallery to discover the best contouring products.

Contouring: the products to try

contains in a small palette everything you need to sculpt your face, from contouring powder, to bronzer and highlighter.
combines the contouring and illuminating nuances in a single product.
declines the art of contouring in three color variations with sculpting and highlighting powders.
offers two shades to sculpt the volumes of the face with a creamy texture with emollient properties and a matte finish.
is among the most popular contouring powders. The credit goes to the three shades available that present a perfect union of brown, gray and red pigments.
it allows a precise and extremely easy application, thanks to its small size.
offers everything you need to sculpt cheeks, including blush, in a light and easily blendable creamy formula.
combines the two contouring shades with a special cream-powder formula.
it is the most practical of the contouring sticks, thanks to the double formula that presents on one side the dark shade and on the other the illuminating one.


Follow the video tutorial that will explain where to place the light and dark shades on the face.

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