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Gradient lips: the gradient effect lip trend
Gradient lips: the gradient effect lip trend

The makeup trend coming from Korea wants gradient effect lips for a k-pop style look

Gradient lips: what they are and how they are made

That the trend of beauty Koreans are the latest obsession in the beauty world is certainly not new. The trend is added to a new conception of skincare and a natural and luminous base make-up gradient lips.

What is it about? The gradient lips they are technically lip to ombré effect. The gradient is obtained by concentrating the color in the center of the lips, blending it outwards. In this way, the inside of the lips will be darker, while the contours will be paler and more nuanced.

Gradient lips: products to recreate the Korean lip trend

The right products to create the gradient lips I'm tints for the ink effect lips or concentrated pigments with cushion applicators.

Recently, many Western brands have launched products in the market dual tone to make a lip makeup to gradient effect. Discover them all in the gallery.

Gradient lips: the right products to recreate them

A duo lip pencil with, on one side, a cushion applicator to create the classic shaded look of gradient lips.
Two colors and two cushion applicators to recreate the famous Korean-inspired gradient lips.
The cult brand of Korean cosmetics has launched a two-tone lipstick, to easily create gradient lips.
Korean shades are the perfect product to create gradient lips, just tap them in the center of the lips, blending them outwards.
A bi-phase product of pure pigments in oil. To get the gradient effect on the lips just avoid shaking the product.
A luminous and moisturizing gradient effect to give lips a plumped look.
A lip balm with two shades of color. To create the gradient lips look, turn the stick keeping the darker color inside.
collistar rossetto duo straordinario
Two-tone lipstick to create dimension, in tone-on-tone or contrasting shades.
medium-8135.10 Mat Lip Powder
A matte powder to be blended in the center of the lips with the cushion applicator, to create a gradient effect.
Sephora – Rouge_Lip_Tint_09_Ruby_Tint_HD_CMJN
Long-lasting lip tint, to be blended by insisting towards the center and the inside of the lips for the gradient lips effect.

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