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Curly hair: all the Spring Summer 2017 trends
Curly hair: all the Spring Summer 2017 trends

Do you have curly hair or a great passion for soft and wavy lengths? Good news: they are a big trend for Spring / Summer 2017

THE curly hair they are the cross and delight of those who have them and those who dream of them, appreciating in particular their movement and the volume.

The fashion shows Spring / Summer 2017 they see the curly hair protagonists, in perfect harmony with the trend of soft, natural and dynamic heads, which wink at the 80's style. Among the most interesting proposals of hair stylists and stylists, we have selected our favorites.

Short hair

Among the choices, voluminous shorts but also yokes reinterpreted with scaled lengths, which enhance the volumes of the face.

Medium hair

For medium hair we like hyper wavy versions with curly bangs, for a look of character.

Long hair

Finally the interpretations on long hair that propose both natural wavy that hyper thick and voluminous or frisé, worked with the foam reminiscent of Eighties Style hair.

Find out now in the gallery all the new curly hair cuts trends.

Curly hair: the S / S 2017 trends

We like this hyper short version of the hedgehog for the particular volume it creates on the top of the head, leaving the nape and neck free. The face is framed by the thick and long fringe that reaches the eyes, highlighting the look.
We like this very short and nuanced version at the nape because the curls left on the forehead give a romantic and feminine look.
Another version of the very short cut that creates a halo of volume around the head. The curls are precisely worked with a fixing product to prevent them from flattening out.
The classic curly bob in a version with light layers that make the silhouette of the hair harmonious with the face.
This very current version of the carré slightly empties it on the ears, to prevent the volume from being static and excessive. We like that the cut is balanced by the shaded scaling that highlights the neck and the decomposed fringe that emphasizes the look.
Well defined and very soft curls for this super natural medium cut that softens the face. The trend wants it completed by even, slightly disheveled bangs.
A variant of wavy curl perfect for an easy to manage long: the roots are kept smooth and adherent to the head, disciplined with an elegant side line.
The perfect solution for long straight hair: the blur on the ends is created by forming different braids on the hair that is still wet and then dried with a hairdryer. Dissolving the dry braids you will get this hair style with a wavy and defined trend.
The romantic hair par excellence refers to Botticelli's iconography: perfect on hair in a golden blonde shade, worked with the special hot iron for curls and then gracefully arranged to frame the face.
Curly "corkscrew" hair perfect and shiny for this long version with a super natural look.
Leonine locks that become a light cloud with frisé and then volumized lengths. The roots are kept smooth and divided on the sides of the head to create a precise design of the volumes. We love the doll-like detail of the pink bows.
Wet effect for this version of loose curly hair with fringe. The hair is worked with the foam but the result is light and not sticky: perfect for a sexy evening look.
This version of curly hair with bangs is artfully worked to create an artificially disheveled effect: spontaneous and very contemporary.
This variant of the loose curly hair recalls the typical dense texture, with almost electric curls, of the perm: we like the very light blond version that is distributed naturally on the shoulders.
1980s revival for this loose hair look characterized by the side carry, fixed with the lacquer, which creates volume on the top of the head. Perfect for gritty looks inspired by the decade of excess.

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