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Knot-dissolving brushes: the best to try
Knot-dissolving brushes: the best to try

They have quickly become the most popular hairbrushes: discover the best hair brushes to try

The knot-dissolving brushes represent a real turning point in hair brushing for all those who have hair that tends to get knotted.

Designed to solve even the most intertwined skeins, these special brushes have highly flexible bristles that are able to slip through the hair and gently detangle it, without tearing or breaking it.

This is the reason behind their widespread use: they are perfect for combing the most rebellious hair - curly, frizzy, thick - and are also loved by the little ones of the house who notoriously hate being combed.

They are available for all hair types, in compact format or as wet hair brushes.

From Tangle Teezer's brushes to those of Michel Mercier, the best to try now.

10 knot-dissolving brushes to try

it is the most popular of the knot-dissolving brushes. Thanks to its practical format, even more comfortable in the Compact travel version, and also to the numerous collections and limited editions that embellish it in color and decorative motifs.
offers the ideal brush for each specific type of hair, from normal to fine to thick and curly.
it has an ergonomically designed pocket format that allows an optimal grip. Available in a large variety of bright colors.
it has flexible bristles that can easily detangle wet hair, avoiding breaking or tearing it.
is the specific flat brush for detangling longer hair, helping to make it smooth and shiny.
it is created according to a French artisanal method that combines boar bristles of different lengths on a wooden base to detangle the hair without causing damage.
chooses boar and nylon bristles to eliminate knots from all types of hair and extensions.
It is made from 100% boar bristles, reinforced with rounded-tip nylon bristles to easily comb the hair and distribute the natural oils of the skin over the entire length for a healthy and luminous hair.
it is ideal for brushing wet and dry hair, even during blow dry, as well as having an attractive shape that reproduces wings.

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