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How to tell if a relationship works (and will last a long time)
How to tell if a relationship works (and will last a long time)

In stories that work, there are values ​​that, only if shared, allow the couple to survive the ups and downs that inevitably have to go through: here are what they are

Quarrels are frequent and you didn't feel understood. You have difficulty communicating your moods and it seems that this moment never ends and you find yourself wondering if it is only a temporary crisis or if you have reached the end of the line.

Or things are fine but they struggle to take off.

Or again, you have recently been dating and you don't know if the relationship you are having is really working and if it will last as long as you hope.

There are so many features that are important to make the couple work but some are more relevant than others because they form the basis of the relationship and intervene in moments of crisis or boredom that inevitably go through all relationships sooner or later.

Thanks to these values ​​we are able to stay together despite the difficulties.

We list them in the gallery, try to check them all.

The values ​​of a relationship that works

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Let's put it in mind, without trust you can't go anywhere. This value is fundamental for the good functioning of the relationship because otherwise a mechanism of suspicion and continuous mistrust will be triggered that will undermine the relationship. But be careful not to overdo it: yes to safety, but never put your hand on the fire, you could burn yourself and above all you will no longer have that pinch of jealousy that keeps the couple's flame alive.
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Mutual esteem is a fundamental value to trust the partner and always seek the comparison on different situations. In fact, giving value to the other leads us to consider him in every choice and decision because we feel we can trust his advice.
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There is no healthy relationship without individual growth. Couple relationships (but also those of friendship) have a sense of existing only if they lead to continuous individual growth. This value is the nourishment that continuously allows the relationship to mature and generate serenity.
Often underestimated, however, it is one of the great pillars of the couple. Communicating in the right way means being able to express yourself without fearing judgments or unforeseeable consequences to your words.
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Partners may have different interests and often the two universes seem irreconcilable. So what to do? As always, it is necessary to meet. If one of the two takes the first step in following the interests of the partner, he will automatically find the other more available too. But be careful, the balance is always in the middle: if the partner prefers to take a moment for themselves and pursue their hobbies alone, let them do it! He may find new energy that he will pour into the couple thus triggering a circle that will lead to mutual support.
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Living together is not synonymous with sharing. Do you go out of your way to stay away from home? Do you avoid moments when you might be alone? Maybe it could be a sign that something is wrong. In the couple it is important to find spaces to experience something together, whether it is a relaxing weekend or a fun evening. If these moments are in short supply, look for them. If you are not interested in looking for them … ask yourself why.
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To make the couple work well, you should have projects together. It does not matter if in a personal or professional context, the important thing is to have a common vision and fight together to reach the goal. The path may be full of difficulties but you will be rewarded by the satisfactions you will have in walking together.
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Accepting the partner's personal freedom is a symptom of trust and acceptance of individual spaces. Everyone has the right to be able to live moments that do not have to involve the partner at all costs, otherwise there is a risk that time together becomes a constraint rather than a pleasure.

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