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The 10 make-up accessories that cannot be missing in the beauty case
The 10 make-up accessories that cannot be missing in the beauty case

From brushes to eyelash curlers to beauty blenders. Discover the 10 must-have makeup accessories

The make up accessories they are a separate category and play an important role in the creation of daily make-up.

Some simplify the application of the products, others improve it, while others are real make-up savers.

Are you sure you have all the makeup accessories you need?

Take a look at the gallery to discover the 10 beauty tools you must try.

The 10 must-have make-up accessories

The most loved make-up sponge is her and no, it's not just hype. The pink sponge is absolutely a must have for the optimal application of the foundation and from the original pink it was then declined in a constantly evolving collection.
Ideal to always carry with you for touch-ups on the go. Thanks to its dense and compact bristles it allows you to pick up the powders and deposit them on the face with ease.
The retractable lip brush is an indispensable ally for retouching lipstick, even when you have such a mini handbag that it doesn't even leave room for the lipstick. Just take a little product with the brush and close it again to have the lipstick at hand to reapply directly from the brush.
It is an indispensable accessory that makes you miss it right in the moment of need. Don't be caught unprepared! Choose it specifically for make-up and that is able to sharpen both pencils and pencils, like this one from Benefit which is adjustable up to three dimensions.
From the beloved make-up sponge of the Pixiwoo sisters to the new mini version specific for touch-ups, from mascara on the eyelid, to the eyeshadow fallen on the cheeks to the blush to blend.
It has an airy texture with an extremely light perforated texture that allows you to best apply the full coverage foundation and water-based products with an airbrush effect that makes it unique.
Having become a real fetish, it is considered by many to be the best eyelash curler in the world. Here's a good reason to have it in your beauty case.
The high-tech variant to try to have curled lashes is represented by the electric eyelash curler with 360 ° rotating heated comb.
A small tool, a great responsibility. This accessory is designed to protect the eyelid during the application of mascara, resting it on the curved part, while with the comb side it will separate the lashes after applying the mascara, to give them even more volume.
If you are a lover of false eyelashes, you will discover an even easier and faster way to apply them with this must-have beauty accessory.

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