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What are the effects of spring on the body and mind
What are the effects of spring on the body and mind

Are you tired and in the mood for change? These are the opposite effects of spring: what causes (for better or for worse) the change of season on body and mood

Ah, spring

Season of new loves, the flowers bloom, the days get longer and our mind… changes.

Yes, because if with the arrival of summer you find yourself eager for changes there is nothing strange: our brain is set to renew itself (and renew our reality) with change of season.

Although we struggle to realize it, in fact, we are deeply connected with nature and, if she changes, then we have wish to change we too.

Here are what the effects that spring causes on our mind and body.

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Desire to revolutionize everything

All winter we have been in our den complaining about the cold, the dark and the rain, but now we finally want to open our eyes.

The need to go out returns, walking, meeting friends and… cutting your hair.

The hair cut represents the desire to see a new self and to meet the novelties that the sun will bring, with audacity and resourcefulness.

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Because in spring we are more sleepy

Self you have a hard time getting out of bed and you have the impression that you are always sleepy it is because your body and your mind they are awakening the body after the winter period.

This mechanism requires more energy consumption which could cause drowsiness.

You don't have to worry, it is a normal process that occurs between winter and spring and that will lead you to feel much better after a few weeks.

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After waking up, the energy boost

In the change of season, due to the new rhythms to be faced, a drop in energy which can easily be solved with the help of supplements and proper nutrition.

Once you have assimilated the new habits, however, exactly the opposite will happen and you will feel that you have one new energy.

In fact, neurons and hormones are affected by exposure to sunlight, so much so that in spring more serotonin and more cortisol are produced, which are able to provide more vitality to our body.

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Increase of psycho-physical well-being

The new hours of light and the mild temperatures make sure that our body moves more and finally we prefer walking or cycling rather than always taking the car.

Consequentially, the muscles wake up and we feel less swollen, more fit and willing to face the day.

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