Two St. Germain-based cocktails to try this spring
Two St. Germain-based cocktails to try this spring

Spring has just begun, we have two new St. Germain-based cocktails for you to try!

Spring is - par excellence - the coolest, most fragrant and versatile season of the year: its characteristics coincide perfectly with those of St. Germain, the French elderflower liqueur, which thus becomes the perfect cocktail ingredient to accompany fun evenings with friends.

Here are the two drinks, with their recipes, to mark the different moments of the aperitif and after dinner.

St. Germain Cocktail

The St. Germain Cocktail is the best solution for a fresh and light aperitif, characterized by the unmistakable taste of elderflower. Perfect to start an evening with friends, its aroma will be able to give the right energy and make you fully enjoy a moment of conviviality, lulled by the mild spring temperatures.

To prepare it you need:

4 cl of St. Germain

6 cl of Prosecco

6 cl of sparkling water

1 lemon zest

St Germain

Parisian Daiquiri

Why settle for a simple Daiquiri, when you can give it an unexpected twist with the unmistakable St. Germain taste? Its elderflower aroma will give it that fresh, floral and versatile taste that will make it the perfect companion for a sparkling and fun after dinner, to mark a pleasant spring evening in the company of friends.

To prepare it you need:

4 cl of Bacardi Carta Blanca

2 cl of St. Germain

2 cl of lime juice

1 tablespoon of sugar

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