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Nicola Formichetti presents the first interactive Diesel Planet in Milan
Nicola Formichetti presents the first interactive Diesel Planet in Milan

The first interactive Diesel Planet store and a campaign about love. Nicola Formichetti talks about the latest news from the Diesel world

The largest Diesel store in the world also becomes the most interactive and modern. The revolution starts from Milan, where the Creative Director Nicola Formichetti and architect Masamichi Katayama launch the restyling of the Diesel Planet in Piazza San Babila. A new home, inspired by the idea of ​​an apartment with vintage furnishings but with an industrial and ultramodern soul.

The renovation starts from the spaces to get to the shopping experience, In fact, Diesel launches its digital retail model in Milan: through the application of cutting-edge technologies developed in collaboration with H-Farm, various touch-points accompany the shopping experience, enriching it with interactive contents that provide information on the product.

From the "denim bar" where you can choose the jeans that best suit your style up to fitting-room with interchangeable backgrounds, each space is designed to create the perfect atmosphere for a day of shopping and to discover everything there is to know about Diesel and Diesel Black Gold products.

The Diesel Planet in Milan

through the products. For this we have incorporated a lot of interactive digital experiences, so that the customer feels part of the Diesel world. My favorite space are the dressing rooms, where you can bring the chosen product and only by showing it on the touch screen have all the necessary information, try it and decide whether to transform the cabin into New York or Los Angeles thanks to the screens inside ».

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