The 10 fashion and beauty essentials for spring 2017
The 10 fashion and beauty essentials for spring 2017

From the maxi bag to the brilliant solitaire up to the skin wellness kit: here is the top ten of accessories and beauty products recommended by QVC for spring!

With the beginning of spring, a lot of news in terms of fashion and beauty bloom. Are you ready to enrich your wardrobe and beauty case with the most desirable accessories and products of the season? Get inspired by our top ten and get ready for a shopping session full of surprises.

From trendy shoes to it-bags passing through shiny jewels and make-up and skin care products: up QVC we tracked down the 10 essential to focus on in the coming months.

Absolute protagonists of the season, the maxi bags in intense colors to show off all day long. For us it was love at first sight with the Tess by LuluBlanc in a vibrant shade of cobalt blue, the ideal choice to tone down the monotony of a solid color total look or to add an extra twist to an eccentric ensemble.

More vitamin, the shopper by Innuè in a sunny and luminous shade of yellow, with a majolica printed internal clutch bag to show off alone, by hand or combined with the shoulder strap of the bag.

For the feet, the Mitarotonda T-bar pumps with square heel and ankle strap are a must, in one of the coolest shades of the season: orange in the apricot shade on very soft suede.

To brighten the outfit, we suggest the Diamonique solitaire in silver embellished with crystals that frame an even more resplendent synthetic emerald.

And to give the skin its shine? The BareMinerals make-up kit with foundation with a fluid texture that evens out the complexion, an illuminator to highlight cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and a brush for applying makeup. All in a powder pink clutch for a make-up always a-porter.

We do not reveal anything else! To discover the 10 key pieces not to be missed on QVC click on or browse the gallery!


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